Google Maps Introduced 8 New Features On Its 15th Birthday

Redesigned Google Maps UI
When it comes to maps, Android device users always rely on Google Maps as its free and accurate app to navigate and find things around. Today on the 15th birthday of Google Maps, Google announced 8 new features and some of them are exciting.

Not just new features, but a whole new UI with a modified Logo and settings.

Before this update, you were seeing two tabs in Google Maps, first "Explore" and second "Commute", after the huge update, you will now see 5 different tabs for Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute and Updates that will help you navigate easily.

New Tabs in Google Maps:

New Tabs in Google Maps
Latest Features in Google Maps in details:

1. Women’s Section

The best and most exciting new feature of Google Maps is the "Women's Section" which is a dedicated feature to let you know areas where there's a women's section or dedicated women-support. It will resolve a lot of women's problems while traveling alone.

2. Saved

As everybody wants to plan trips and see his/her travel history in a beautiful way, Google Maps Saved (with data of over 6.5 billion saved places) feature will help you to check your saved locations and then it will also help you to plan your trips and understand your own travel patterns.

3. Temperature

If you are stressed about the temperature at a place, you will be able to check it directly from Google Maps and then decide what to do or how you can stay safe in your selected place.

4. Contribute

As people contribute a lot of information to Google Maps, now with a dedicated feature, it will be more convenient and helpful to get accurate reviews, addresses and actual photos of places taken by individuals.

5. Updates

If you are not sure about the surroundings of an area, Google Maps feature "Updates" will help you to check out must-visit places near you and also some trending areas where people are going frequently.

6. Security onboard

This is a big feature for some people as they want this helpful information before leaving for their destinations, so this feature will help you get info about security cameras, guards and also helpline numbers available near you so that you can feel safe.

7. Carriages availability

This feature is not yet available to all of Google Map users but in Japan and it helps in selecting a route based on the number of carriages in a train on your route.

8. Accessibility

This is something that is capable of empowering everyone and helps special people to find perfect spots for them like seating, easily accessible entrance, Hi-visible LED and more near them.

Latest Features in Google Maps:
Latest Features in Google Maps

Google announced these features in this update.