5 Facts About Renewable Energy Sources

5 Facts About Renewable Energy Sources
Renewable energy needs no introduction since the growing awareness and green energy goals are already topping the headlines. With more and more people opting for greener and cleaner energy sources, it becomes imperative to learn about certain facts.

Here are the top 5 facts about renewable energy resources that can assist the shift from fossil fuels.

Fact #1 Solar Power Is a Surplus Source

Surprisingly, the solar power on our planet is overabundant. The potential outcome that solar radiation can contribute surpass any other renewable, as well as non-renewable energy sources.

Moreover, the lifetime for solar power plants is also greater than a modern hydro-power station. The only factor that affects the life of a solar power plant, as explained by experts from https://www.utilityservice.net/, is regular maintenance. And it could promisingly last for half a century, with proper upkeep.

Fact #2 Portugal Scores Longest Green-Energy-Only Run

Since the global leaders are emphasizing on opting for cleaner energy sources, Portugal, became the first-ever country to meet EU's 2020 renewable goals. Not just that, the country also scored the longest ever green-energy-only run title to its name in the year 2016.

The country powered the nationwide grid with the wind, solar, and hydro-power plants only for four consecutive days. The total of 107 hours run has allowed the country to open up a new employment sector for investors.

Fact #3 Home Projects Can Supply Power Back To The Grid

Of course, the governments are playing their part in promoting green energy use, but the populace is also contributing to the shift. Many communities and individuals are now installing their solar and wind power plants, on a small scale.

And they are not only powering their houses with it but also supplying power back to the grid. In exchange, they are also earning profits from the government and companies in the energy business.

Fact #4 Biogas Is Neither Green Nor Renewable Energy Source

This is, in fact, a common myth that biogas is a green alternative to its fossil fuel counterparts. However, biomass could contribute to as much as 6% of total carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Even though biogas does significantly reduce the excavations for fossil fuel extraction, it cannot replace them altogether. The simplest explanation for this constraint is the low energy emissivity of bio-products on burning.

Fact #5 Employment Rate Is 5 Times The Fossil Fuel Industry

A recent study from the Department of Energy, US states that renewable energy sectors are creating 5 times more employment opportunities in comparison to the fossil fuel industry.

To add to it, the study also reveals that the sector poses negligible health dangers to the workforce. The reason being, production plants for renewable energy sources are longer lasting and do not involve any toxic emissions.

These facts, evidently, point towards the increasing potential for growth in the renewable energy segment.

Well, no one can predict for sure, what the future holds, but these trends do put forth an estimate for what can be and should be expected.