Indian Doctors Successfully Prepared Coronavirus Vaccine (Medicine for COVID-19)

Indian Doctors Successfully Prepared Coronavirus Vaccine (Medicine for COVID-19)
Coronavirus is creating chaos in the whole world and on the other hand, we have good news that two doctors from India successfully prepared a Coronavirus Vaccine and tested it.

This may be a breakthrough vaccine that the world is awaiting and could really save the world from epidemic that is killing people rapidly.

In this regard, senior journalist Mubasher Luqman shared the good news about the Coronavirus through a video on his YouTube channel.

In his own video, he said that cases are ending fast in China, as they closed the hospital that was built to end the epidemic.

Infection is lost, life is winning in China. 10 out of 10 patients recovered at Safdar Jung Hospital in Delhi.
In India, 2 doctors have successfully treated the patients with coronavirus, the use of medicines has led to the best results, now it is being referred to use worldwide.

One 106-year-old woman recovered in China after 6 days of treatment, before it was said that the virus is rapidly attacking more than 50-age-group people, people in China started to go to work, shops are opening, Apple has also opened 42 of its 42 stores in China.

Cases in South Korea are declining rapidly, with older populations in Europe leading to faster deaths, Australia and Israel claim to have prepared Covid-19 vaccines.

The death toll from some countries has not been revealed; every country in the world is thinking about another country, says Mubashir Luqman. This is good news that should be spread.