Nokia Introduces New 5-G Smartphones

Nokia Introduces New 5-G Smartphones
Nokia Phones HMD Global introduces three New Nokia Smartphones they include a new member of the Original Family, with extremely sophisticated data roaming.

Nokia 8.3 5G is the company's first 5G smartphone, along with the introduction of the latest Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 1.3 drives, and also Nokia Nokia Pieces.

Continuing its invention, HMD Global has stepped into a new area of ​​innovative facilities through HMD Connect Global Data Roaming.

After receiving the exclusive partner phone status of James Bond's 25th film, which will be decorated in cinemas in November, the 00 phone case made by Bulletproof Kevlar Material protects Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2. , Are also being introduced.

HMD Global's Chief Executive Officer - Florian Seiche said;
"You would not believe how proud I am of the inventions we have introduced today and which have been developed based on the unique commitment to ensure the Nokia smartphone experience and improve over time." We are launching a new chapter with HMD Global as we are entering the era of 5G with a truly secure global and future-safe smartphone. Through the introduction of HMDConnect, we, Connectivity Are creating real and unmatched experience with regard to. "
HMD Global's chief product officer - said Jehu Sariwakis;

We are proud to provide unmatched devices with our advertising agencies. That's why we're so excited about introducing many innovative products.

With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G's Modular Platform, we have created the world's first 5G Nokia phone, which is a world-class invention. Designing, keeping in mind the cost, facilities and changing needs of the future. ۔

With Qualcomm 5G Solution, we not only combine more than 40 different RF components into a single module, but the Nokia Group offers the largest number of modern 5G radio bands from 600hmz to 3.8GHz. 8.3 5G: The First World Nokia Smartphone That Compatible With All Future Needs

Nokia 8.3 While creating 5G, we have taken on a number of new requirements for the implementation of the 5G network. In this regard, this phone is compatible with the independent and independent capabilities of 5G, providing the most advanced operators globally. Nokia Group has the Qualcomm 5G RF Front End Module Solution based on the Qualcomm Modular platform, which has been introduced as a global device, combining over 40 different RF components into a single module.

In the future it will be adapted to all the changing communication needs in the latest stages of 5G.The Nokia 8.3 5G has a powerful PureView Quad camera with ZEISS Optics, allowing you to image all sorts of scenes. ۔ Through ZEISS cinema capture and editor capabilities it can save video recording and OZO audio even in low light. Nokia 8.3 5G is an unprecedented smartphone for users who want to get unlimited creativity. It is ready for all upcoming needs and has been created with additional features for future 5G facilities.

So that more users can enjoy the convenience of streaming and gaming while fast-moving to any location. The Nokia 8.3 5G is based in Finland, so its colors include Polar Knight. This color was created by the charming colors of the North Pole, said Cristiano Amon, head of Qualcomm;

We're proud to support HMD Global's opportunity to create 5G devices. This is the world's first phone based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G modular platform, creating, we are committed to bringing all users the latest in 5G experience. This way, our customers will have access to the latest capabilities available in the marketplace.

This integrated feature is based on the world's latest mobile platform, integrated with 5G, and includes an updated RF module, which can benefit from 5G facilities globally. With this modular view, Nokia's 5G devices are also equipped with powerful all-day battery life, with attractive design. We will expand the partnership between Qualcomm and HMD to create unlimited possibilities for future communication capabilities in the 5G era.

Nokia 5.3: This latest phone offers many valuable features combining Nokia's unique inventions. These include the Quad Camera, the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor, and two-day continuous battery life.