350+ Beauty Shop Name Ideas

350+ Beauty Shop Name Ideas

Some people want to make their salons, barbershops or simply the parlor to be a unique brand and go beyond the borders. They look for a unique name and often use the old business name generator that gives some basic and random ideas and the same thing to everyone. Thus, it is not easy to find a unique beauty shop name.

Here we are with this new and greatest list of 350+ beauty shop name ideas that can help you not just pick a name but brainstorm some names and then recreate them to generate a catchy, best, and brandable beauty shop name.

So, the key here is we want you to name your beauty shop by your own mind and use our beauty shop names as an inspiration and motivation to help your mind go deep to find a worthy pearl.

Awesome Beauty Shop Name Ideas

Being awesome, let's find some beauty shop name ideas that start with A:
  1. A Beauty Shop
  2. A Cut Above
  3. A La Mode
  4. A Little Help From Your Barber Shop
  5. A Little off the Top
  6. A Midsummer Night's Dreads
  7. A Shop For Hair
  8. A Touch of Class Shop
  9. A's Beauty Shop
  10. A's Hair Salon
  11. According to My Stylist
  12. Ace of Fades
  13. Addictive Beauty
  14. Ahead of Hair Time
  15. All the World's a Salon
  16. Allure Beauty
  17. Amnesia Beauty Shop
  18. Angel’s Touch Beauty Shop
  19. Anointed Hands
  20. Anti Glare Hair
  21. Antidote Beauty Shop
  22. Aphrodite Hair Solon
  23. Awesome Parlor

Best Beauty Shop Name Ideas

Here's a list of beauty shop names that start with B:
  1. Bad Apple Salon
  2. Bad Hair Day Salon
  3. Banger's and Slash
  4. Banger’s and Slash
  5. Bangs on Target
  6. Barbarella Salon
  7. Beaucoup Beauty
  8. Beautiful Salon
  9. Beauty Basics
  10. Beauty Bounty
  11. Beauty Essentials
  12. Beauty Garden
  13. Beauty Lord
  14. Beauty Mark
  15. Beauty Unleashed
  16. Beauty with Grace
  17. Bel ‘Hair Fair
  18. Bella Beauty
  19. Belle Curls
  20. Bellissimo Beauty Shop
  21. Best Of Cuts
  22. Big Hair We Care
  23. Billi's Mark Of Beauty
  24. Blown Away Beauty Shop
  25. Blunt Cut Beauty Shop
  26. Bombs At Hair
  27. Bombshell Studio
  28. Bossy Beauties
  29. Brilliant Beauty Shop
  30. Buds Of Beauty
  31. By the Blade

Creative Beauty Shop Name Ideas

Another list of beauty shop names that start with C:
  1. Cheveux de Beaute
  2. Children Beauty Shop
  3. Children's Salon Names
  4. Chop Shop
  5. Choppers Beauty Shop
  6. Chopstick Beauty Shop
  7. Chopstick Hair
  8. Chopz Beauty Shop
  9. Cleopatra’s Beauty Store
  10. Clever Beauty Shopping
  11. Clip Joint Beauty Shop
  12. Closer to the Shears
  13. Color Chic Beauty Shop
  14. Color Me Awesome
  15. ColorBox Beauty Shop
  16. Comb Together
  17. Conception de Cheveux
  18. Crisp Edge Beauty Shop
  19. Crowned With Glory
  20. Cubby Cuts

Clever Beauty Shop Name Ideas:

  1. Curl Me Crazy
  2. Curl Up N Dye
  3. Curls and Curves Beauty Shop
  4. Curly Girl Beauty Shop
  5. Curly You  Beauty Shop
  6. Cut Above the Rest
  7. Cut and Play
  8. Cut From the Heart
  9. Cut Your Anger
  10. Cute Cut Beauty Shop
  11. Cute Cuts
  12. Cute Things Here
  13. Cutting Crew
  14. Cutting Remarks
  15. Cutting Zone Beauty Shop
  16. Cutting's What I 'Do Best
  17. Cuttings! What I Do?

Beauty Shop Names Starting with D:

  1. Dear To Beauties
  2. Deary Beauty Shop
  3. Designers Edge
  4. Die Heart Beauty Shop
  5. Director's Cut
  6. Diva Style
  7. Do or Dye Beauty Shop
  8. Dreadlocks Beauty Shop
  9. Dreamers Salon
  10. Dreams Beauty Shop

Extra Beauty Shop Name Ideas:

  1. Eees Beauty Shop
  2. Empress Hair
  3. Extremely Beautiful You
  4. E’lan Beauty Shop

Fantastic Beauty Shop Name Ideas:

  1. F's Beauty Shop
  2. Fairytale Hair
  3. Family HairLoom
  4. Fantastic Beauty Shop
  5. Fav Pick Beauty Shop
  6. Fixs Beauty Shop
  7. Flo Cutters
  8. Fo's Beauty Shop
  9. Free Beauty Shop
  10. Fringe Beauty Shop
  11. Fringe Benefits
  12. Frizzy Palace
  13. Fro-ternity
  14. Futuristic Beauty Shop

Great Beauty Shop Name Ideas:

  1. Generous Glam
  2. Get the Hair Outta Here
  3. Get Thee to a Blow Dryer
  4. Girly Girl Beauty Shop
  5. Glam Goddess
  6. Glamified Beauty Shop
  7. Glare Shop
  8. Glitter Beauty Shop
  9. Golden Beauty Shop
  10. Goldi-Locks Beauty Shop
  11. Gorgeous Braids and Weaves
  12. Got to be Hair
  13. Gotta Get Ya Into My Chair
  14. Graceful Beauty
  15. Great Beauty Shop
  16. Green Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop Names Starting with H:

  1. Hair 'n the Hood
  2. Hair and Back Again
  3. Hair and You
  4. Hair Candy Beauty Shop
  5. Hair Castle Beauty Shop
  6. Hair Chemicals React
  7. Hair City Beauty Shop
  8. Hair Cutlets
  9. Hair Cutlets
  10. Hair Don’t Fade
  11. Hair Dot Com
  12. Hair Force Beauty Shop
  13. Hair Game
  14. Hair Mary
  15. Hair Play Beauty Shop
  16. Hair Pun Salon Names
  17. Hair Rap II
  18. Hair She Goes
  19. Hair Slayer Beauty Shop
  20. Hair Square
  21. Hair State of Mind
  22. Hair when you need it
  23. Hair Zone Beauty Shop
  24. Hair Zoo Beauty Shop
  25. Hair, Here, and Everywhere
  26. Hairbreak Hotel
  27. Hairway to Heaven
  28. Halo Beauty Shop
  29. Happy Beauty Shop
  30. Happy Trimming
  31. Hateem's Beauty Shop
  32. Headlines Beauty Shop
  33. Hi's Beauty Shop
  34. Hollywood Be Thy Mane
  35. Hot Beauty Shop
  36. How Shall I Style Thee?

Beauty Shop Names Starting with I:

  1. In the Hair Tonight
  2. Infinity Hair Salon
  3. Inspirations Beauty Shop
  4. Insta Beauty Shop
  5. Instant Beauty Products
  6. Intertwine Hair Design
  7. It's a Hair Circus
  8. It's harder to get a great colorist than you think.
  9. I’m a Natural Beauty

Beauty Shop Names Starting with J:

  1. J. Beauty Shop
  2. Jack the Clipper
  3. Jay J's Beauty Shop
  4. June's Beauty Shop
  5. Jupiter Beauty Shop
  6. Just A Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop Names Starting with K:

  1. Karlee's Beauty Shop
  2. Kay Beauty Products
  3. Kay's Beauty Shop
  4. Kids Beauty Shop
  5. King's Beauty Shop
  6. Klassichic Beauty Shop
  7. Knock, Knock, Who’s Hair

Lovely Beauty Shop Name Ideas:

  1. Last Beauty Shop
  2. Last One Snipping
  3. Lavish Locks
  4. Le Concept de Cheveux
  5. Life Is a Hairway
  6. Lilith Hair Beauty Shop
  7. Lilly Beauty Studio
  8. Little Monkeys
  9. Little Shop of Hairdos
  10. Live and Let Dye
  11. Live to Dye Beauty Shop
  12. Li’l Couture
  13. Li’l Monkey Makeovers
  14. Love My 'Do
  15. Love Your Face
  16. Lovely Beauty Shop
  17. Luminous Nails

Beauty Shop Names Starting with M:

  1. Make-up Masters
  2. Makeup Maven
  3. Mama Bear’s Hair
  4. Mane Attraction
  5. Mane Avenue
  6. Metamorphosis Salon
  7. Mia Bella Beauty Shop
  8. Midas Touch
  9. Mirror Mirror
  10. Miss Beauty Parlor
  11. Miss Beauty Shop
  12. Mon Petit Hair
  13. Mon Petite Hair
  14. Much a ‘Do For Almost Nothing
  15. My Beautiful 'Do
  16. My Beauty Shop
  17. My Hair Lady
  18. Mysterious Beauty Products

Beauty Shop Names Starting with N:

  1. Nail Bar
  2. Nail Me Beauty Shop
  3. Naturally Divine Beauty
  4. Nearer My Shears to Thee
  5. Neither Here nor Hair
  6. Neo Beauty Shop
  7. New B's Shop
  8. New Wave Hair Salon
  9. No Loose Ends
  10. Not just Hair
  11. NU You Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop Names Starting with O:

  1. O's Beauty Shop
  2. Off With His Hair!
  3. Off With Their Hair!
  4. Oh my Hair
  5. Old English-Style Salon Names
  6. Omi's Tangles
  7. Only the Best Will 'Do
  8. Ooooh Girl Who Did Your Hair Salon
  9. Original Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop Names Starting with P:

  1. Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
  2. Pearl's Beauty Shop
  3. Pearlville Salon
  4. Perfect Beauty Shop
  5. Perfect Finish
  6. Pigtails and Crewcuts
  7. Plush Beauty Lounge
  8. Polished Nail Salon
  9. Poof to Pixie Hair Salon
  10. Pretty Parlor
  11. Pretty Parlor
  12. Pure Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop Name Ideas Starting with Q:

  1. Queen's Beauty Shop
  2. Que's Beauty Shop
  3. QandQ Beauty Shop
  4. QQ Beauty Shop
  5. Qlear Beauty Shop
  6. Qing's Beauty Shop

Random Beauty Shop Name Ideas:

  1. Rap Unzels Beauty Shop
  2. Ready to Dye
  3. Rejuvenate Spa
  4. Rock, Paper, Scissors
  5. Rootz Salon

Beauty Shop Names Starting with S:

  1. S's Beauty Shop
  2. Salon bel Cheveux
  3. Salon de Elegance
  4. Scarborough Hair
  5. Scissor to Strand
  6. Scissors ’n' Razors
  7. Senior's Beauty Shop
  8. Serenity Beauty Shop
  9. Serenity S's Beauty Shop
  10. Serenity Salon
  11. Shear Brilliance
  12. Shear Genius
  13. Shear Trendz
  14. Shears Beauty Shop
  15. Short Shrift
  16. Shortcuts Beauty Shop
  17. Shut Up and Style Me
  18. Simply Hairlicious
  19. Smart + Glam
  20. Snip Dogg
  21. Split Enders
  22. Strands of Love
  23. Structures
  24. Style Studio
  25. Stylin’ Chic Beauty Shop
  26. Stylish Flow
  27. Super Beauty Shop
  28. Super Hero Hair
  29. Supreme Sparkle
  30. Sweet Pixie Salon

Beauty Shop Name Ideas Starting with T:

  1. Tangled Up In My Hair
  2. That Beauty Shop
  3. That Was a Close Shave!
  4. That's Cut!
  5. The Beauty Shop
  6. The Bellas Beauty Shop
  7. The Big Tease Salon
  8. The Braidy Bunch
  9. The Color Palette
  10. The Dyeing Question
  11. The Fix Beauty Shop
  12. The Godbarber
  13. The Hair Lair
  14. The Kingdom Comb
  15. The Long and Winding Extension
  16. The Makeover Place
  17. The Merry Waves of Windsor
  18. The Nail Lounge
  19. The Razor’s Edge
  20. The Scissor's Edge
  21. The Second Combing
  22. The Shag Beauty Shop
  23. The Way You'll Look Tonight
  24. Time to Dye
  25. Tips n’ Toes
  26. To Dye For Beauty Shop
  27. To Dye or Not To Dye
  28. To Trim or Not to Trim
  29. Treat Your Feet
  30. Tres Beaux
  31. Tresses
  32. Très Beau Salon
  33. Turning Heads

Unique Beauty Shop Name Ideas:

  1. Under the Dryer
  2. Under Your Tips
  3. Undercut Beauty Shop
  4. Up in the Hair
  5. Unique You

Beauty Shop Names Starting with V:

  1. Valhalla Salon
  2. Vanity Hair
  3. Versatile Beauty Shop
  4. Vogue Styles

Beauty Shop Names Starting with W:

  1. Wavy Wonders Hair Salon
  2. What’s the Buzz?
  3. Whole Lotta Styling Goin' On
  4. Wicked Salon

Beauty Shop Names Starting with X:

  1. XandX Beauty Shop
  2. Xe's Beauty Shop
  3. Xern Beauty Shop
  4. Xrion Beauty Shop
  5. Xro's Beauty Shop

Younique Makeup Business Names:

  1. Yes! Beauty Shop
  2. Yet Another Beauty Shop
  3. Your Beauty Shop
  4. You Are Younique
  5. Yum Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop Names Starting with Z:

  1. Zandom Beauty Shop
  2. Zee and Z Beauty Shop
  3. Zee's Beauty Shop
  4. Zero Beauty Shop
  5. Zillion Beauty Shop
  6. Zoro's Beauty Shop
We created this huge list of beauty shop name ideas with the help of the internet and a few friends in our local town, they searched for the same thing online and suggested to us their own unique ideas. You can pick the best yourself or read them and brainstorm a new name.