5 Best Alternatives to Zoom app

5 Best Alternatives to Zoom for Free Video Conferencing

Zoom has taken the world by storm for arranging an online video conference, holding webinars, or getting studies online and many educational institutes are turning to this great video conferencing service. However, people are also searching for some alternatives to Zoom app that they can use for free and in an easy way.

Here we are with a list of the top and the best 5 Zoom alternatives that can help you easily arrange an online meetup and start your own projects or just talk with your family and friends together and here's the shortlist:

Alternatives to Zoom:

  1. Facebook Messenger Native Apps
  2. Join.me
  3. GoToMeeting
  4. Skype Meet Now
  5. Cisco Webex
This is our latest collection of 5 free Zoom alternative apps for video chats including Facebook Messenger and Skype Meet Now, you can read about these apps in detail:

1. Facebook Messenger, Best Alternative to Zoom

5 Best Alternatives to Zoom for Free Video Conferencing
Just a day ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he is going to release native apps for Facebook's Messenger and here's how they work. He just launched Messenger apps for Windows and macOS users in the whole world.

How To Download Facebook Messenger Desktop App:
  1. Go to Messenger.com/desktop
  2. Click on Blue button saying "Download in the App Store"
  3. Download the app and Install it
  4. Boom, login with your Facebook ID and start group video calls
As the previous version of the Messenger desktop app was not that useful and many of us even don't have it installed, this new version is made for video conferencing that brings our friends and family as it is offering the best group video calls without charging any fee. Facebook Messenger can be used as a Zoom alternative and to me, it is the best option for now as we all want free software and when Facebook is providing that same thing, we should check and find the bugs. In my test, it was awesome.

2. Join.me A great Alternative to Zoom

5 Best Alternatives to Zoom for Free Video Conferencing
This is made for online meetings and screen sharing, as Join Me team suggests that a person who wants to set up an online meeting also want the audio to be clear, share screen and also many other features in one software, they are providing all the required features from custom URL to custom meeting background and you can use your mobile's microphone for clear audio.
With a one-click screen sharing, webinars and video conferences become a handy thing even for a non-techy person. They also provide free conference calls and may help you do some fun with your Slack account. If you are looking for how to install join me, you just have to go to their homepage at join.me and click on that big DOWNLOAD button.

3. GoToMeeting, a Secure Alternative to Zoom

5 Best Alternatives to Zoom for Free Video Conferencing
Another great software that is being used as an online meeting engine GoToMeeting is available for free and in paid versions both. You can use its desktop and mobile apps for arranging video conferences with various features.

With end-to-end Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, GoTo Meeting's video conversations are completely secure and with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption they don't store any personal information so that you don't have to worry about your privacy while using this video conferencing tool.

4. Skype Meet Now, an Alternative to Zoom by Microsoft

5 Best Alternatives to Zoom for Free Video Conferencing
Skype has been the wonderful software for video calling and holding video meetups for individuals and companies too. Everybody knows what Skype is available for and now, they are enabling the today's needy features as Coronavirus outbreak is making every person stay at home and work from home, all the social media apps and other companies are enhancing their products to be compatible with today's needs of group video calling. Skype's new feature Meet Now is something that can have a huge impact on the market.

Yes, as you don't need even a Skype account to use the Meet Now feature of Skype, you can just install Skype and check out the latest feature for creating video meetings or joining video meetings in the easiest way possible to help people stay together this time of need.

5. Cisco Webex, a Commercial Alternative to Zoom

5 Best Alternatives to Zoom for Free Video Conferencing
Available for various platforms like macOS and Windows, Cisco Webex is a standard video conferencing platform that is trusted by many organizations and companies worldwide and has the trust about security and privacy of your online data. The best part is Cisco WebEx is free for arranging a three-people meeting online and if you want more people to join, you have to pay for that.

The three-people account is free for a lifetime and enables you to hold HD-quality video calling, you can use other software to enhance your experience.

6. ChatSpin, random chats and more

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve tried a dozen different random video chat sites, or you’re thinking about giving it a try for the first time – ChatSpin offers a pretty impressive array of features. Both members and non-members can enjoy unlimited random text and video chats, and members can also follow each other’s profiles. Whether or not you make an account, you’ll still get the same user-friendly layout and lightning-fast connection speeds.

If you feel like your chat results aren’t relevant enough, you can take advantage of the filters. The web version of ChatSpin has filters for location and gender, while the app has an additional filter that sorts by common interests – and a feature that lets you send a personalized introductory message to your chat partners. Their app, by the way, is available for both Android and iPhone users, so nobody gets left behind where the ChatSpin mobile experience is concerned. 

Alternatives to Zoom (video)

Some decentralized and recommended by Redditors video conferencing software listed below:
  1. Jami.net
  2. Riot.im
  3. Movim.eu
  4. Meet.jit.si
This is a quick update.

What is the best alternative to zoom?

If we talk about an overall-best alternative to Zoom and especially for businesses, the Cisco Webex Meetings is the best alternative to Zoom app. Allowing up to 100 participants in a single video chat with a free plan, with an interactive whiteboard and screen sharing features including messaging feature too. This is is the best choice when we look for an alternative to Zoom.

What is Google alternative to zoom?

Google is never too late to introduce interesting products and when we are talking about Google's alternative to Zoom, it is a much better product. Google Meet is a free alternative to Zoom for group video calls and the best thing about Google Meet is, you don't have to install anything, just open your Gmail account and navigate to Meeting mode or just open it from your browser and securely make a group video call. Yes, there's a Google alternative to Zoom, and it's free.

What are the dangers of using zoom?

There are various disadvantages/dangers of using Zoom. We have seen reports and news updates regarding Zoom bombing, user data is being sent to China, group calls are being leaked online, and much more. This is why we created a list of Zoom alternatives to help you pick the secure options.

So, this is all about the top 5 best alternatives to Zoom for free video conferencing, if you want more, you can comment below.