Facebook Bans Events That Violate Social Distancing for COVID-19

Facebook Bans Events That Violate Social Distancing for COVID-19
Many demonstrations are being held across the United States of America against home restraining orders and social distancing, and also calls are being made to participate in such events.

But Facebook, says it can't allow users to register for an event that violates social distance policies or to participate in the events that may help COVID-19 to spread more rapidly.

Facebook said it will contact local governments to remove only events that violate any state's guidelines so there will be no more listings for those events on Facebook which are avoiding social distancing rules.

According to some media reports, Facebook has removed anti-quarantine lists in California, New Jersey, and Nebraska.
This is also in the news that after the discussion, some people became angry. They include President Donald Trump's son saying that freedom of expression has been curtailed.
Not just this, The management of the social media network (Facebook) is also working to remove misinformation about the coronavirus from their respective platforms.

Facebook's aggressive measures in regards to coronavirus fake news have prompted some questions as to why the company has previously had difficulty dealing with false claims.

People are still seeing the mess of news and many private media networks and individuals are uploading guidelines on Coronavirus that is not good for the wellbeing of millions of people.