YouTube Best Practices for Maximum ROI

YouTube Best Practices for Maximum ROI
YouTube delivers over a third of video content on the web, and its algorithms have become more complex over the years to deliver video ads in a highly customized way. With video seeing 77% higher ROI on internet video ads than TV ads it is time you prioritized and optimized your video ads for maximum ROI.

To get the most from YouTube ads, you have to hit hard and fast because attention spans are short. The good news is that making YouTube ads is easier than before with the use of YouTube ad maker which comes loaded with features optimized for making ads for this platform. There are 3 types of YouTube ads, with each type demanding different optimization strategies;

#1 Skippable ads

These ads come with a ‘Skip Ad’ button which locks the ad for 5 seconds, after which the viewer can opt to stop watching.
  • TrueView ads - These ads appear on top of search results when a viewer searches for video content. You are charged only when the viewer sees more than 30 seconds of the video or clicks the Call to Action (CTA). They are viewable on both mobile and desktop
  • In-stream ads - These video ads appear before, during or after the viewer's chosen video play. You pay for the ad when the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of it. Skippable ads include;

To keep the viewer hooked

  • Engage in the first 5 seconds by showing your logo and business name, make the viewer curious by asking questions or leading with content that will be answered after the 5 seconds
  • Video duration should be longer than 12 seconds but shorter than 60 seconds
  • Create a CTA with a headline (15 characters), and text (10 characters)
  • Brand heavily and lead the viewer to other videos in your YouTube channel

#2 Non-skippable ads

The viewer does not have the option of skipping these ads, which makes them more expensive. You pay with a CPM bid for every view regardless of engagement. These ad types are;

Bumper ads – which are limited to 6 seconds and play before a video starts. For these ads;
  • The duration is 6 seconds. Design a new ad for this duration rather than trimming longer ads
  • Be bold with graphics, text, and colors because of the short duration
  • Deliver one simple message. Avoid storylines or narratives.
Pre-roll and mid-roll ads – They appear before the start of a video and during the play of videos that are longer than 10 minutes long. Best practices for these ads;
  • Use striking audio to catch the viewer’s attention
  • Add value to justify ‘interrupting’ the viewer’s time
  • Engage the audience by provoking with thoughtful questions
YouTube ads can deliver amazing ROI when done in the right way. With video content increasingly dominating the internet space, this is a platform you cannot afford to ignore anyway.