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50 Best Instagram Food Hashtags in 2020

by on May 11, 2020
50 Best Instagram Food Hashtags in 2020
Finding the most popular Instagram food hashtags to include with your food photography sometimes becomes a hurdle and when you are about to post your latest photos and suddenly realize that you are out of Instagram food hashtag ideas, you need a resource that time. So, we are providing you that resource with our latest lists of best and top trending Instagram food hashtags that you can simply copy and paste to your Instagram posts for getting more views, likes, and comments.

Top 10 Trending Food Hashtags on Instagram:

Here you can find the top 10 most trending Instagram food hashtags in 2020 that you can add in your Instagram posts and make your photos go viral and get into as many Instagram user's accounts as possible.

 Ranking  Hashtags  Score 
 1   #Food  41%
 2  #FoodPorn   12% 
 3  #Foodie  10% +
 4  #Yummy   8%
 5  #InstaFood   8%
 6  #Delicious   5% 
 7  #Breakfast   4%
 8  #Lunch  4%
 9  #Homemade  5% +
 10  #Dinner  4%

A + means that these hashtags are getting more mentions than usually, and this might be because of COVID-19 and it will get to the normal when countries will lift lockdown from major cities.

If you are too lazy to remember the top and best Instagram food hashtags in 2020, you can just simply cope below food hashtags and paste in your Instagram post descriptions:

#food #homemade #foodporn #foodie #instafood #foodphotography #foodstagram #yummy #instagood #foodblogger #delicious #foodgasm #love #foodlover #like #follow #healthyfood #dinner #foodies #tasty #lunch #photooftheday #restaurant #cooking #healthy #eat #picoftheday #chef #instagram #bhfyp

All of the above hashtags are being followed by thousands and thousands of Instagram users who love food and food photography or new recipes. You can just simply copy/paste these hashtags and get your Instagram posts to go viral and be seen at the discover page of Instagram.

Local Instagram Food Hashtags:

Despite getting millions to see the Instagram posts, some of the chefs and food lovers on Instagram want their local people to see what they are making, eating, and capturing. So, here's a list of some hottest and top local food hashtags with your city names:
  1. #NYfood
  2. #LAfoodie
  3. #LondonEats
  4. #DubaiFoodies
  5. #GermanFoods
  6. #PizzaAtHome
  7. #MyCake
  8. #HomeMadeFood
  9. #QuarantineFood
  10. #LockdownRecipe
  11. #ChefAtHome
You can brainstorm and add your city name or town and even your country name with another hashtag like Foodie and Eats to make it your own local Instagram food hashtag which will surely have an audience for you.

With more than a billion food-related posts on Instagram using our suggested hashtags only, you can imagine how much bigger the audience you are targeting on Instagram and if you use accurate hashtags, how much exposure you can get.

Just make sure you are using our recommended hashtags in your food-related Instagram posts and we will keep this list fresh to help you get more latest hashtags at one page.

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