Impress for Success: How To Make Your Business Stand Out

Impress for Success: How To Make Your Business Stand Out
No matter what the size of your business, you are probably swimming in a big pond. Since the arrival of the internet, the world of business has grown massively.

We used to compete with a few companies in our local area. Now consumers can connect with any business, in any sector, across the whole world. 

You must stand out

You may already know your USP, but you will also need to deliver something extraordinary. First impressions count, and these often lead to the success or failure of your business. 

One of the most important things to remember is you should under-promise and over-deliver. Many people make the mistake, particularly in the pitching or sales process, of overpromising what they can do. They want to get the attention of the client, or maybe feel pressure to offer more services to keep up with the competition. This is a mistake.

If you win the job, you will have to ensure that everything you offer is delivered, this doesn’t leave much room to impress because they are expecting everything you have done. It could more likely lead to disappointment. If you can’t deliver on every detail, then you will leave a bad feeling with your client. Instead, offer slightly less than you know you can do to win the job, then once you have locked them in, deliver more than they expected.

This will make the chance of repeat work more likely and will also ensure you are getting a positive review. Word of mouth is vital for increased sales. 

You can, however, use a little smoke and mirrors to help a smaller business look more impressive. Consumers sometimes worry that an office run in your back garden might mean you haven’t got the capabilities of delivering on the task in hand. If you need to invite a client to discuss a potential new job or relationship, consider renting a temporary workspace building.

This could just be a meeting room in a large complex. Alternatively, you could arrange to meet at a private members club for the day. Give the impression that you are successful and wow them with the surroundings. They are more likely to take you seriously and have confidence in your ability to do the job well. 

How you dress and talk is vital. In the eyes of the client, you are the brand. Even if you don’t own the company, you are the representative and therefore, everything you say and do matters. If you don’t put any care into how you dress, a client's first impression may be that you haven’t got an eye to detail. If you spill coffee on your shirt, they might not have confidence in your ability to be precise.

It sounds small, but these little things are the very first impression of your company, and most people will make their minds up about working with you, in the first 5 minutes of meeting you.