100 Slime Names for Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow & More Colors

100 Slime Names for Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow & More Colors

100 slime names for colors like green, purple, orange, yellow, black, white, and more slimes will help you to easily pick a name for your slime shop and bring more ideas to your product naming method. This will bring more power to your online or offline slime shop by giving you an edge over your competitors as if its about slimes, its about slime names too.

Words can't beat lists, so here's our greatest article with lists of different slime names for each and every famous color that's updated for 2023 with new and unique ideas:

Green Slime Names

Check some of the best and green-themed slime names here:
  1. Grass Slime Shop
  2. Greens For Slimes
  3. Pure Green Slimes
  4. Teal Slime Shop
  5. Shamrock Slime
  6. Olive Slime
  7. Pine Green Slimes
  8. Mint Slime
  9. Moss Slime Shops
  10. Spring Green Slime
  11. Greet Slime Toys
  12. Kelly Green Slime
  13. Sea Green Slimes
  14. Fern Slime Shop
  15. Hunter Green Slime
  16. Asparagus Slime Shop
  17. Turquoise Slime
  18. Viridian Slime Shop
  19. Jade Slime Shop
  20. Lime Slime Shop
  21. Harlequin Slimes
  22. Forest Green Slimes
  23. Emerald Slimes
  24. Army Gree Slime
  25. Green Slime Shop
  26. Crunch Of Slimes
  27. Slime Greens

Purple Slime Names

Love purple color too? check slime names in purple color here:
  1. Pure Purple Slime
  2. Magenta Slime Seller
  3. Lavender Slime Shop
  4. Violet Slimes
  5. Pink Slime Shop
  6. Mauve Slime Shop
  7. Boysenberry Slimes
  8. Mulberry Slime Shop
  9. Plum Slime Shop
  10. Amethyst Slime
  11. Lilac Slime Shop
  12. Red Slime Shop
  13. Jam Slimes
  14. Eggplant Slime Shop
  15. Iris Slime Shop
  16. Heather Slime Shop
  17. Winecolor Slime Shop
  18. Periwinkle Slimes
  19. Grape Slimes
  20. Purple Slime Market
  21. Sangria Slime Maker
  22. Raisin Slime
  23. Orchid Slimes
  24. Great Purple Slime Shop

Grey Slime Names:

  1. Cloud Slimes
  2. Grey Slimes
  3. Pewter Slime Shop
  4. Iron Slimes
  5. Slate Slime Shop
  6. Charcoal Slimes
  7. Pebble Slime Shop
  8. Coin Slime Shop
  9. Flint Slime Shop
  10. Brown Slime Shop
  11. Ash Slime Shop
  12. Anchor Slimes
  13. Fog Slimes
  14. Gray Slime Shop
  15. Porpoise Slimes
  16. Dove Slime Shop
  17. Lead Slimes
  18. Smoke Slimes
  19. Graphite Slime Shop
  20. Fossil Slimes
  21. Silver Slime Shop
  22. Shadow Slime Shop

Orange Slime Names:

  1. Carrot Slime Shop
  2. Tiger Slimes
  3. Fire Slime Shop
  4. Merigold Slime Shop
  5. Rust Slimes
  6. Cantaloupe Slime Shop
  7. Apricot Slimes
  8. Spice Slimes
  9. Honey Slimes
  10. Cider Slime Shop
  11. Ginger Slime Shop
  12. Orange Slime
  13. Clay Slime Shop
  14. Tangerine Slime
  15. Marmalade Slime Shop
  16. Bronze Slimes
  17. Sandstone Slimes
  18. Yam Slime Shop
  19. Amber Slime Shop
  20. Squash Slime Shop

Yellow Slime Names:

  1. Daffodil Slimes
  2. Banana Slimes
  3. Fire Slime Shop
  4. Medallion Slimes
  5. Butterscotch Slime
  6. Mustard Slime Shop
  7. Tuscan Sun Slimes Shop
  8. Flaxen Slime Shop
  9. Yellow Slime Shop
  10. Canary Slimes
  11. Honey Slimes
  12. Butter Slimes
  13. Pineapple Slimes
  14. Gold Slime Shop
  15. Lemon Slime Shop
  16. Corn Slimes
  17. Dandelion Slime Shop
  18. Blonde Slime Shop
  19. Dijon Slimes Shop
  20. Bumblebee Slimes

Black Slime Names:

  1. Charcoal Slimes
  2. Raven Slimes
  3. Jade Slime Shop
  4. Crow Of Slimes
  5. Onyx Slimes Shop
  6. Metal Slimes
  7. Ebony Slimes Shop
  8. Jet Black Slimes
  9. Coal Slimes Shop
  10. Ink Slimes Shop
  11. Soot Slime Shop
  12. Oil Slime Shop
  13. Pitch Slimes
  14. Spider Slimes
  15. Midnight Slime Shop
  16. Obsidian Slime
  17. Sable Slimes
  18. Grease Slimes
  19. Leather Slime Shop
  20. Black Slime Shop

White Slime Names:

  1. Bone Slime Shop
  2. Lace Slimes Shop
  3. Porcelain Slime Co.
  4. Parchment Slimes
  5. Powder Slime Shop
  6. Frost Slimes Inc
  7. Pearl Slimes
  8. Chiffon Slime Shop
  9. Fluffy Slime Toy Shop
  10. Coconut Slimers
  11. Cotton Slime
  12. White Slime Shop
  13. Linen Slimes
  14. Cream Slime Shop
  15. Ivory Slimes
  16. Alabaster Slimes
  17. Salt Slimes
  18. Snow Slime Shop
  19. Daisy Slimes
  20. Egg Shell Slimes
  21. Rice Slime Shop

These lists have more than 100 slime names that you can use as your slime shop name or just for the slime name ideas to bring more imaginations to your slime products.

Stay with us and we will bring more and more slime shop name ideas for your product suggestions and motivation and these names will help you to start your own slime shop today.

More than 100 Slime Shop Names (infographic/photo):

More than 100 Slime Shop Names (infographic/photo)

We will add more slime shop name ideas to this list with next updates.

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