What Is Digital Detox: How to Spend Less Time on Social Networks and Abandon Gadgets

What Is Digital Detox: How to Spend Less Time on Social Networks and Abandon Gadgets
Gadgets are constant companions of every modern person. Smartphones, fitness trackers, smartwatches, tablets, and other equipment have firmly entered our lives. Unfortunately, these devices not only make everyday life convenient and perform useful functions, recalling urgent events, counting steps taken or calories burned. They also take precious time, reduce productivity, and cause addiction.

This is because the digital presence in our lives is constantly increasing. People start the day with the phone in their hands and fall asleep next to the TV or laptop. As a result, they are constantly exposed to harmful radiation and spend a lot of time absorbing unnecessary information. Not so many people manage to filter digital space using only useful sources.

How Gadgets Kill Our Time

Being distracted to check social networks, e-mail, or a news site, you lose from several minutes to several hours a day. After a year or two, these minutes and hours combine into whole days that were spent on the Internet. As a result, many work questions remain incomplete, and loved ones suffer from a lack of attention. In the case of students, they may fail their exams and assignments. If you have similar problems, look at this quick essay writing service to get all the necessary help. And overall, in order to sometimes get out of this digital daily routine, we recommend digital detoxication.

What is Digital Detoxication?

Digital detox is the time spent without any gadgets. During this period, you should do the following:
  • Do not watch TV.
  • Do not use a computer or laptop.
  • Do not play consoles.
  • Do not listen to music online on tablets.
  • Do not surf the Internet using your smartphone.
  • Do not exchange messages in instant messengers.
Such things will teach you how to spend less time on social networks and will help to overcome harmful addiction.

Why It Is Needed

The main purpose of digital detox is to reduce the time of useless stay on social networks in order to use it for more necessary and interesting activities that charge a person with energy and health. This can be the following:
  • Walks outside.
  • Travels.
  • Live communication.
  • Exercises.
  • Hobbies.
Why should you abandon social networks in favor of such a pastime? A permanent stay in social networks harms both physical and mental health. On the one hand, this leads to problems with vision, posture, and overweight. On the other hand, the contemplation of someone else's beautiful life evokes a feeling of envy, forms an inferiority complex, and makes one lose faith in one's own strengths and life values. To avoid these negative consequences, it is worth reducing the time spent on social networks.

How it Works

The essence of the purification of your life from the killers of time is to gradually get rid of them. To do this, you need to take several steps, which are the following:
  • Choose one or two news sites as the main source of information and do not click on viral links.
  • On social networks, unsubscribe from things that are not needed for you. You see your colleagues and loved ones every day, and the life of stars is not directly related to you. Leave only friends with whom you need to chat.
  • Access the Internet for a specific purpose only. And having completed it, switch to offline affairs.
  • Unsubscribe from unnecessary e-mails.
  • Remove games and unnecessary applications from your smartphone. You can leave one entertaining for an extreme case.
  • After completing these steps, you will see how much time is freed up for other, more interesting, and useful things.

Special Digital Detoxication Days

This is the easiest way to detox. A person chooses one day when he completely abandons gadgets and spends his free time differently. For example, he communicates with loved ones, reads, devotes time to his favorite pastime such as cooking, needlework, shopping, etc. This gentle mode allows you to develop the skill to do without gadgets for some time, which can later be developed into a persistent habit.

30-Day Digital Detox

A monthly detox marathon is a major blow to Internet addiction. As you can easily guess from the name, its essence is to reduce the stay in social networks and the use of gadgets to a minimum for a month. The main rule of this regimen is to increase the dose of free time every day. For example, if today you could not live without watching social networks until noon, then tomorrow you should open the feed no earlier than during your lunch.


As a result of applying the previous two modes, you can come to the practice of daily detox, when the time spent on social networks and other online trash will be only 10-15 minutes per day.

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