Above the Rest: 6 Reasons Why Rolex Watches are Perfect for Everything

Above the Rest: 6 Reasons Why Rolex Watches are Perfect for Everything

Most of the time, men are known for their simple fashion sense. Whether it's simple or for formal wear, you can be sure that men will have their go-to style. One part of a man's style of attire that they don't skimp on is their accessories. And when it comes to accessories, men are particular with watches. 

Almost every guy out there owns at least one wristwatch. A watch is a great accessory that completes any style. Whether you're a guy or a lady, you'll agree that watches are just as important as the clothes you wear. With watches, there's one particular brand that's synonymous with style and success. Saying the brand's name itself is enough to turn heads around. 

Yes, we're talking about Rolex. Rolex is a luxury watch company in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1905, the company was established by two men: Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. Since then, the company has been known to produce some of the most luxurious watches in the world. Even fake watches with the Rolex logo on them can increase in value, and many with untrained eyes can be victims of counterfeit items. The fact that majority of the fake watches you see out there have their logo speaks about their popularity as people are willing to buy.

If you are part of the legions of people who want to own a Rolex, you're not alone! As mentioned earlier, Rolex is a brand that's associated with wealth and success. If you seriously want to own a Rolex and plan to get one, here are some more reasons you should go all-in on getting that Rolex watch:


Even if you take out brand image from the equation, you're still left with an impressive piece from human engineering. Rolex watches are expensive for a reason because they're built to please. The materials used in Rolex are miles ahead than most luxury brands. 

For example, most commercial luxury brands use 316L steel for their watches. The Rolex brand, however, uses 904L steel. The preference of materials used in Rolex watches results in a shinier and more durable product. The smaller, more intricate parts of every Rolex model aren't pushovers too. Most dials are made from white gold, bezels are made from fine ceramic, and even the numbers on the watch's face are made from sandblasted platinum. 

One of the best watches to get from the brand is the Daytona. With its simple, yet elegant look, you can be sure that the Daytona can catch the attention of curious onlookers. The watch features a black strap and an intricate watch face. The face has impressive designs, a testament to Rolex’s masterful craftsmanship.

The Ultimate Gift

For those who can give one, Rolex’s are the perfect gift to give to anyone. Again, when it comes to class and popularity, Rolex stands strong amongst others. When you give out a Rolex, it means that you're classy. The person who you’ll give the Rolex to will also feel extremely happy that he or she deserved something special such as a Rolex from you.

Brand Image

We've said it lots of times, Rolex is the embodiment of perfection. Owning a Rolex means that you're a successful person. The good thing about having a Rolex is because it's not about bragging. Owning a Rolex basically means that you've worked hard enough to attain your goals, and it's your time to enjoy the limelight. That simple, yet powerful image is embedded into every Rolex piece ever made.

Great Heirloom

Because a Rolex can get expensive, most families who work their way into wealth tend to give Rolex watches to their relatives as important heirlooms. Again, a Rolex isn't just another expensive luxury watch. A Rolex is an important statement that may embody the hard work of a person and that he or she is willing to pass it onto the next generation.

Collector's Piece

No watch collection is complete without a Rolex. Sure, a collection should always contain memorable pieces, but a Rolex should always be its crowning piece. This fact is another reason why Rolex watches have a huge demand for watch collectors. 

It’s not just the model of the Rolex watch that can make a specific watch fetch higher prices in the market. Sometimes, the materials, the story, and even personal values can play a role in determining the real true value according to most collectors. 


Unlike ordinary cars and ordinary possessions, a Rolex's value never deteriorates. Given that it's kept in pristine condition, a Rolex watch can fetch insanely huge prices. In times of need, your investments can more than pull you through. Don't be surprised if the Rolex you bought from years past will sell for more than double in the future.


As simple as it sounds, men don't always have an extravagant fashion sense. Although they dress simple, they make it up with their accessories. Watches, in particular, are a favorite piece in every guy's wardrobe. And when it comes to watches, Rolex is the best there is. The things mentioned above are just a few reasons people should buy and work hard for a Rolex.