Beginner's Guide to Blogging with an Aim to Make Money

When it comes to starting a blog, there are a number of different reasons why people do it. For some people it will be because they have a love of writing and want to find something that is a fun way for them to express themselves.

For others, it will be because there is a sense of community behind it, and that really appeals. For other groups, it will be because they have seen that it can be a way to make money, whether as a side role or as a main source of income. Many mommy bloggers that are the most successful start something on maternity leave and then it all goes from there. 

If you are looking to start a blog to make money from it, then when you start it all out, there are definitely some things that should be avoided, and some things that you definitely should do. For a hobby, it will be different, because it is literally for you. But when you start it to make money, you have to view it from a professional point of view.

Would a brand be willing to pay money for content on your site? Does it look good? Does it look professional? Is the content well written? If they wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing it on social media to their followers, then they are not likely to want to work with you. So there are some things to bear in mind, for sure. 

So with all of that taken into consideration, here is a beginner’s guide to getting started in blogging, when the aim is to make money. It isn’t always an instant process, as a blog does need time and energy dedicated to it. But if you give yourself a fighting chance, then you’re likely to see money being made much quicker.
Beginner's Guide to Blogging with an Aim to Make Money

Setup your own self-hosted blog

There are a variety of different platforms that you can choose to blog from. However, there are restrictions to some, when it comes to making money.

A self-hosted blog is without a doubt the best route to go down, which is all about getting your own domain name, and having complete control over your blog. Platforms like WordPress are great, but unless you use their platform with a self-hosted site, then there are restrictions on how you can earn. So from the start, self-hosted is a must. 

The mistakes to avoid as you set up your own blog

When you are new to this, it is only natural that some mistakes will occur. However, if you want to make money with your blog, and do so sooner rather than later, then you need to avoid as many mistakes as possible.

To start with you need to think about the focus of your blog, as that will drive a lot of your decisions. As your main focus is to make money online with your blog, it should be a consideration in all of the decisions that you make. There is a lot of work and effort that comes with getting good content that will help to drive traffic to your blog.

So that should be a focus right from the start, because it will be impossible to make money from a blog that only gets pageviews from you and your family. 

You should also think about the look and design of your blog. Although you may not be in a position to spend a lot of money on web design services, it is important to think about how good you need your site to look.

As has been mentioned, if you want to work with brands, then your site needs to be responsive, as well as look good, and look professional. No one will buy from an affiliate link on your site if it doesn’t look trustworthy. Definitely points to think about as you get it all set up. 

Keep it simple

If you are starting out with your blog, then it is a good idea to not over complicate things, and keep it all as simple as possible. If you are an absolute beginner, then code and HTML can be a little confusing as you get to grips with all that a blog can do.

There will be a lot to learn, and you are likely to change how you do some of the things along the way. It will all be easier to correct and adjust, if you keep it simple, rather than having to correct something that was over complicated in the first place.
Beginner's Guide to Blogging with an Aim to Make Money

Start creating and sharing great content

When your site is designed and working, then it is time to think about the content that you will be creating. You’re likely to already have an idea of the kind of genre that you want to go down. Bit creating the content can be one of the trickiest things that you can do with blogging.

However, one thing to bear in mind, is that it is going to be impossible to make money from a blog with no readers. This shouldn’t mean that you should force any content, however, having a blog with boring content is just another blog. When you have a blog with great content, then it can really be something to help you to make money.

Good content will help your site to get traffic. Simple. Allow social media sharing buttons on your posts, and it will help others to share your content, which is great free marketing for you. Great content can also help with your credibility as a blogger or a writer, and those things can all help as you look to earn money.

If you are a food blogger and recommend different blenders, mixers, or kitchen appliances, and you’re built up some credibility with your recipes and expertise, then using affiliate links on those items can help you to make money. But it all comes together once you have the good content. 

What is great content?

Having great content on your blog doesn’t have to be just what you write. It can be having some valuable infographics or some great video tutorials or lessons.

It could be podcast audio. However, if you purely want to get found on a Google search, which will help you to earn money as a blogger, then the majority of the content that you should produce should be written text.

You should still keep things pretty simple, though. Mixing things up from time to time is a good idea, however blogging is all about writing. If videos are more your thing, then you should just head straight to YouTube. 

Great content will mean that it is unique to you and your site. Don’t get tempted to copy and paste from an already established blogger, for example. Good content is also well written, and generally, free off spelling errors and grammar mistakes.

Blogs aren’t books, though, so they can be written in more of a conversation style, as you would talk. If you talk with some slang, for example, then add that in. It helps readers to get to know you as a person. Great content will also have a purpose.

It shouldn’t be something that is written for the sake of it. Whether you’re capturing a memory, sharing your tips or advice, or helping someone to understand your point of view on a political issue, it will have a purpose. As such, it will help the content to be insightful, which is what good content is all about.

Don’t worry if some of the things here aren’t describing your content or don't make complete sense for now. Things will become easier as you get more established, but think about what someone will learn from your post, or what the purpose of your post is. 

Know your niche

Choosing a niche is a must for any blog. Even if your niche is something quite specific that you love, such as a certain type of car, then you know that people who find your site will also have a love of that vehicle.

If you keep your niche too broad, then people coming to your site will still come, but they will be less loyal if one day you're sharing fashion hacks, and the next you're sharing travel advice for those with toddlers.

A few topics can work well, if they work together such as a family and parenting blog can cover a variety of aspects, as long as they are all related back to babies or toddlers, for example. But generally, you need to pick a niche in order to be a success and work with brands that are going to complement what you are doing.

Your niche will be whatever you are knowledgeable in, and what you are passionate about. So although you know you want to make money, you need to have something to say, which is what stops a lot of people from taking their blog to the next step. Choose something you’re passionate about, and the content should practically write itself.