Importance of Translation Services: Language is ever-evolving, particularly in the current crisis

Importance of Translation Services: Language is ever-evolving, particularly in the current crisis
A whole new glossary of terms has arisen out of the recent pandemic. There are so many words synonymous with the Covid-19 crisis, such as lockdown, key worker, bubble, support bubble, shielding, self-isolate, self-quarantine, test and track etc.

These words have specific meanings in the current context. Who would have defined a bubble as a group of people before lockdown? But these terms are now everywhere - in the newspapers, government guidance, policies and procedures.

Authorities, employers, educational establishments are all constantly updating risk assessments, policies, staff and student guidance. If they have a multicultural group of stakeholders, these documents will need to be translated if they are to be understood fully by all.

Universities and schools have international students, employers have multicultural staff and authorities need to meet the needs of community groups. When translating Covid-19 related documents, any translator needs to be aware of how to translate these terms relevant to the current context. 

“You always need to make sure documents are translated exclusively by professional native speakers of the target language who keep abreast of changes in language use and meaning in both their native and foreign language.” Daniela Engel,

Furthermore, translations of scholarly articles, research reports and other academic documents about Covid-19 need to be appropriately translated with the correct terminology. This is a global issue and it is vital that information, ideas and good practice are shared internationally. We can all learn and benefit from one another if nations share experiences and research.

Governments and other authorities can then publish evidence-based guidance to health professionals, employers and educational establishments etc. Professional translation would help facilitate proper understanding of research and its key findings. can provide academic translation in a vast number of language combinations and will only assign native-speaking specialists to any academic research or document translation.

Experts in the relevant discipline will be allocated to ensure a high-quality translation is provided at the appropriate academic standard and using the necessary academic writing conventions of the target language. has experienced translators in numerous academic fields, including physical sciences, medicine, social sciences and economics.

The online translation agency is well aware of the importance of high-quality translations concerning the global pandemic.

As with all academic translations, any translation about the current crisis will undergo a stringent quality assurance process involving a second expert professional. This second specialist will proofread the translated academic document to check for errors, misconceptions and ambiguities. 

 “Professional translators are up to speed with the relevant subject matter and will use the correct terminology and academic writing conventions in any translated Covid-19 related document.” Daniela Engels,

Moreover, the Covid-19 situation is fast moving and ever-evolving and information and research needs to be shared in a timely fashion. Professionals are working around the clock to manage the situation.

Research and new ideas are being developed on a daily basis. The urgency of the circumstances sometimes requires that important academic and research documents are needed as soon as possible and this could mean that overnight or even same day translation is required.

Punctual delivery is also of great importance. With a team of translators worldwide, can provide a fast and reliable turnaround of an academic translation where required. Even where a tight deadline is needed, quality of translation is paramount and it is only after the stringent quality assurance process that the completed translation will be delivered.

Furthermore, offers a service 24/7. Immediate price quotes are available via the agency’s online system by simply uploading the document to be translated.

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