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Amazon Halo - Create a Personalized 3D Model of Yourself

by on Aug 29, 2020

Amazon Halo - Create a Personalized 3D Model of Yourself

The Halo Band is a relatively simple activity tracker without a screen. The wearable does have sensors, such as a temperature monitor, heart rate monitor and accelerometer. The band can be used with or without a subscription. Without a subscription, you just miss out on some advanced functions.

Amazon’s Halo Band is now only available in the United States. The date of the launch in the market is not yet known.

Update: Amazon Halo is launched and available to buy at Amazon with a special discount offer for a limited time.

Unique Features

Amazon Halo - Create a Personalized 3D Model of Yourself

The Amazon Halo (fitness band) has plenty of the fitness features you would expect to find on a standard fitness tracker that is designed without the screen, there is in-depth sleep tracking, sedentary time warnings, and activity tracking.

There are some more unique features too. They are as under:

Body composition

Amazon Halo - Create a Personalized 3D Model of Yourself

The Halo can measure your body composition and body fat percentage, and with the mobile app it can even make a digital 3D model of you.


The tracker can also measure your voice to detect tone, with this feature it can apparently track energy and positivity in your body.

Battery life

According to Amazon, the Halo has two days of battery life, but this shoots up to seven days long if you deactivate voice tone recognition feature.

The company says the band takes 90 minutes to charge to full.


  • The wrist band is water-resistant.
  • The product is available in various colours and gives accurate results.
  • The product is proven clinically and keeps an eye on the sedentary time.


  • The product is new to the market and perceived no customer feedback yet.
  • The product is not suitable for joggers and those who do exercises.


To get access to most of the Amazon Halo's cool features, you need to pay membership. Amazon Halo membership costs $3.99 per month.

People who are trying to be healthy or just want to learn more about their fitness may find the membership super useful.

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