How to Build an eBook Sales Funnel Like a Pro

How to Build an eBook Sales Funnel Like a Pro

The world of the online marketing industry has just gone competitive due to the increase of entrepreneurs transitioning from physical stores towards web-based outlets.

Also, the interconnectivity of the internet with a worldwide reach has been the realm of choice for most business-oriented people to advertise and promote their services and products.

One of the most popular methods of attracting customers is via the creation of a sales funnel.

What is an eBook Sales Funnel?

An eBook is an umbrella term shortly used for electronic books, and an eBook Funnel is a specially designed and crafted sales funnel intending to distribute eBooks, electronic guides, digital file formats, and user manuals that contain essential information relating to a product or service. The sales funnel would be in charge of letting a web store’s visitors make purchases through its order page and access the eBook via email.

Digital or electronic versions of printed books famously known as eBooks are a rising trend in the realm of online research and global interconnectivity. An online marketer may utilize the advantages of eBooks and their capability for quick access and distribution. For entrepreneurs wanting to create eBook sales funnels exclusively, there are two popular sales funnel builders that specialize in building these digital file formats which they can use to craft their original content successfully.

The creation of an eBook sales funnel may expand the results an online marketer is looking for. It can be easily distributed and accessed by a website’s customers and can also be termed as an eBook giveaway funnel. An eBook sales funnel may work its magic if a business owner launches incentives and attractive lead magnets. The method of initiating lead magnets tends to invite more customer traffic to a particular website and view the products and services offered along with their access to a site’s eBook.

A free eBook sales funnel provided by a web page administrator may consistently attract the right types of interested customers and leads. The creation of an eBook sales funnel can be used even by newcomers in the eCommerce marketplace.

The implementation of a quality eBook sales funnel may help a start-up businessman in the field of online marketing while establishing them as experts with the products or services that they offer.

How to Create eBook Sales Funnels

The creation of an ideal eBook sales funnel may attract more potential customers, leads, and client traffic to a website. The eBook may contain all types of information about the product or service that a webpage is attempting to promote and sell.

It may also collect useful data and specifications that can serve as an electronic guide to customers that have purchased an item, hardware, or software.

1. Sales Funnel Creation

The initial process of creating an eBook sales funnel is similar in methodology for crafting a conventional sales funnel. A digital entrepreneur should be aware and immediately determine the goal or purpose for the eBook sales funnel. Choosing an appropriate and catchy name for the eBook sales funnel is necessary so it could be linked to your official brand while attaching groups or tags with the eBook funnel.

2. Page Templates

Every famous sale funnel builder that has the eBook sales funnel builder feature will have prepared templates that an online marketer may choose from. The pages or templates offered can be customized and edited for a more user-friendly experience. The eBook page templates can be categorized to contain three parts:

  • Order Form
  • Order Confirmation Page
  • Thank You Page

3. Add eBook to Order Form Page

An order form page after created may contain a products section that summarizes all item entries associated with a sales website. The next thing is navigating through the products section and adding the eBook as one of the items listed. Payment billing and thank you page contents can be modified to have the contents for proper completion of a purchase.

4. Upload eBook to the Sales Funnel

The allowable file limit for upload digital file formats or eBooks is not more than three megabytes. Properly edit and rename the eBook so it would reflect the brand of a webpage before uploading it. Once a copy of an eBook is uploaded, a user may have the option to share its links if placed in third-party storage space.


The creation and deployment of original eBook sales funnels may prove beneficial to online marketers since it can build rapport towards clients.

It can contain all the necessary information a person is required to know about a particular product or service.

A high-quality eBook may serve its creators by building a reliable connection, provide oversight, educate people, and advertise specific items and services complete with guides and specifications.