4 Smart Ways to Market Your Moving Company in 2023

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Although we’re all adjusting to our new (and socially-distanced) normal, the world doesn’t completely stop due to a pandemic.

We still need a host of essential services in order to go about our daily lives. And while we’re encouraged to stay home to slow the spread of viral transmission, we sometimes need to change where our home is.

In fact, many people have decided to move because of the novel coronavirus. According to a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 3% of U.S. respondents had changed their residence due to COVID-19. Overall, 22% of respondents said they themselves had moved -- or they knew someone who had -- as a result of our current health crisis. 

In other words, it’s clear that Americans still need moving services -- perhaps more than ever. And although these uncertain times have changed the way businesses market themselves, you’ll still need to put time, effort, and funding into your marketing efforts to appeal to prospective clients.

To that end, here are just four smart ways that moving companies can market themselves during the rest of 2023.

1. Highlight Free Estimate Forms:

At a time when job security is a luxury and budgets are tight, consumers are looking to save as much as possible. You can appeal to cost-conscious customers by drawing their attention to the free estimate forms available on every page of your site.

Not only can this help customers stay on track with their moving expenditures, but it can also help them save time and avoid making a handful of phone calls. After all, convenience is key. Of course, these forms can be an excellent way for your business to generate leads.

2. Display Testimonials Prominently:

In this era of uncertainty, customers want a moving company they can trust. Off-site reviews can certainly help cement your brand reputation, but having a testimonials page on your site can also do a lot to convince prospective clients that you can make their moving day less stressful.

If you’ve successfully navigated moves during the pandemic, ask some satisfied customers to write a testimonial with that in mind. Having a customer testimonial displayed on each page of your site can give your business a sense of legitimacy and show how well you’ve served your community.

3. Create Compelling Video Content:

Having a blog on your website can be a great way to target pertinent search terms and provide valuable information to people in search of solutions. But while written content plays an important role in marketing, so does video.

While video content creation may be new for many moving businesses, there’s a good reason to add this to your to-do list. YouTube is actually considered to be a highly powerful search engine (second only to Google!), with studies revealing that people consume and engage with video content at a much higher rate than plain text.

You can connect with customers by showing off your company culture, answering common questions, or communicating some tricks of the trade -- all in video format. 

4. Don’t Skip Social Media:

Although some business owners assume that social media isn’t a good lead generation tool for service providers, it’s important that you maintain a presence on these platforms and take advantage of the opportunity to communicate directly with your audience.

In many cases, social media profiles for businesses will show up prominently in search results -- and customers will often check there first -- so it’s essential that you maintain a posting schedule and provide your followers with valuable information (especially during the pandemic).

If you can provide them with solutions that have a visual twist, these posts can end up being highly shareable and will allow you to cross-promote other types of content you’ve created. Social media can be a great way to connect with people within your immediate service area.

Now that you have a clearer idea of how to approach your moving company SEO at the right growth rate, you can take actionable steps to reach those customers who are most in need of your services.

What’s more, these marketing tips have no expiration date -- so even after the pandemic has finally subsided, you’ll be set up with a strong marketing strategy to facilitate long-term growth.