Backwards 3: How to Type 3 as Ɛ Symbol on PC, Android & iPhone

Backwards 3: How to Type 3 as Ɛ Symbol on Pc, Android & iPhone

A simple and quick question, how to type the backwards as Ɛ symbol or you can say how to type 3 as Ɛ> to make a heart shape that you can share in text messages, WhatsApp chats, Facebook comments, Twitter replies, TikTok video descriptions, and on many other places.

The simple answer is also there:

Just copy this “Ɛ” and paste anywhere you wanna type 3 as Ɛ symbol.

Sometimes we see that people are asking to type backward E to make a shape just like the Ɛ symbol, but it's not the E alphabet, its the 3 digits from counting that becomes “Ɛ” after turning into backward shape.

Netizens use Ɛ with > to make the heart shape as Ɛ> that sometimes also transform into heart emoji on social media platforms like Facebook and some other apps.

Backwards 3: How to Type 3 as Ɛ Symbol on PC

Ɛ symbol is really interesting and famous in gen-x or you can say today's young generation, and typing it in PC is as simple as type any other symbols. All you need is just:

Copy Ɛ from here and paste anywhere on your PC or you can do more by using backward 3 alt code on PC.

Follow the steps given below to get the backward 3 symbols as Ɛ:

Open any text software on your PC like MS Word, Powerpoint, MS Excel, or a third-party app as it will not work on MS Notepad.

  1. Create a new blank Document
  2. And there type 0190 (3 as Ɛ Alt Code)
  3. Now, Press ALT+X using the keyboard

It will convert into Ɛ.

Yes, when you will type 0190 in Windows text editing apps and hit ALT+X from the keyboard immediately, it will turn to Ɛ instantly.

Backwards 3: How to Type 3 as Ɛ Symbol on Android

If you are asking how to type a backwards 3 on phone (android) here's the answer:

On the Android operating system, there's no possibility to type Ɛ or you can say reverse 3 as Ɛ on android is not possible with the android keyboard. But, the copy+paste function on android allows us to simply do it.

All you have to do is just copy Ɛ from here and then paste it anywhere on android apps or texts as you like.

The best way to use Ɛ on android phones is using it in Facebook comments to form a heart shape and wow your friends as everybody is now using this trick to quickly backward 3 into Ɛ> on social media apps.

Backwards 3: How to Type 3 as Ɛ Symbol on iPhone

If you are asking how to type a backwards 3 on a phone (iOS) here's the answer:

On iOS devices aka iPhone models, Ɛ can't be typed with the default keyboard and just like Android phones, we can use iPhone's copy/pasting feature to convert 3 into Ɛ on iPhone.

Just copy Ɛ from here and paste anywhere on iPhone from text messages to social media comments.

If you are still asking how to type Ɛ, just simply copy it from here [Ɛ] and paste it anywhere you are looking to type it. It's that simple.

However, if you are looking to type 3 as ɛ (lowercase 3 as ɛ backward) you can copy this too from here [ɛ] it's simple too.

Some Backwards Ɛ FAQs:

Here we will answer some questions about backward 3 shape:

What is the backwards 3 symbol?

The backwards 3 symbol is simply the reversed form of digit 3 as Ɛ and it is widely being used to form/make a heart shape icon on social media platforms that looks like Ɛ> or sometimes 3>.

What language has a backwards 3?

Ɛ as its lowercase variant is inherited from medieval Greek handwriting and encoded U+03B5 ε (GREEK SMALL LETTER EPSILON). While the modern variant that is Ɛ being used as famously for Ɛ> is inherited from medieval minuscule.

Does Ɛ look like E?

To some extent, Ɛ looks like the alphabet E and some people think that it is the lower case upside-down E. But, in reality, the symbol Ɛ is originated from 3 by flipping it right to left or left to right.

So, these are some frequently asked questions about backwards 3 text or you can say backwards 3 e that is typed backwards and these answers help you understand the backwards 3 meaning and let you easily type backwards 3 heart.

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