MBA or MCA - Read the Comparative Study to decide for yourself

MBA or MCA - Read the Comparative Study to decide for yourself

MBA is a 2-year long post-graduation course that involves teaching students technical, managerial and leadership skills. In order to be eligible, MBA candidates must have completed their graduation in relevant streams and have taken either CAT/XAT/MAT/SNAP etc.

MCA, on the other hand, is a postgraduate level course of a 2-year duration that deals in various aspects of computer application, programming, networking, software, and hardware. Now, the dilemma among BCA or BTech students in general, whether to pursue an MBA or MCA? Lets clear the doubts here.

What is an MBA?

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) is a PG program in Business Management for aspiring management professionals. The program offers candidates who have completed an MBA an opportunity to look for jobs in Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Healthcare Management, Financial Consultancy, Marketing Management or Financial Research.

The average salary offered ranges from Rs. 2 to 28 LPA. Some of the top institutes that offer MBA are the IIMs, XLRI Jamshedpur, SPJIMR Mumbai and IIT Kharagpur. The course can be done full-time, part-time, through the online mode or through distance education.

What is MCA?

Unlike an MBA, MCA or Master in Computer Application is a course with completely different objectives. It is a postgraduate level course of 2-year duration that deals in various aspects of computer application, programming, networking, software, and hardware.

Candidates who have completed BCA or Graduation from any other relevant disciplines with Mathematics as a compulsory subject in class 12 can opt for this course. The admission process may be done based on merit or entrance tests.

After completing the course, candidates can find jobs in the Tech Industry, Web Design or Development, Systems Analysis, Software Development and Network Administration. The average salary offered ranges from Rs. 3 to 10  LPA.

MCA is offered at renowned institutes like Anna University, SPPU, JNU, Calcutta University and VIT. MCA can be pursued full-time, online or through distance education.

MBA v/s MCA Specialisations

For both the MBA or MCA, candidates can opt from a string of specialisations in respective areas of study. Some of the specialisations offered have been mentioned in the table below:

MBA Specialisations

MCA Specialisations

MBA in Finance

MCA in Systems Management

Operations Management

MCA in Hardware Technology


MCA in Systems Engineering

MBA in Human Resource Management

MCA in Application Software

Event Management

MCA in Software Development

Logistics Management

MCA in Systems Development

MBA in Information Technology

MCA in Networking

MBA v/s MCA Curriculum

The syllabus of the MBA and MCA Courses may vary according to the specialisations and different institutes. The basic subject matter of the courses has been tabulated below:

MBA Curriculum

MCA Curriculum

Software Project Management

Information Systems Management

Database Management

Business and Legal Environment

Financial Management

HR & Organizational Behavior

Business System Design etc.

Information Systems Design

Database Management Systems

Management Support Systems

Software Engineering

Programming and Data Structure

Accounting and Management Control

Networking, and others

MBA v/s MCA Career and Future Scope

Tabulated below are job roles along with average salaries that the candidates could choose from after completing either of the two courses:

Entry Level to Senior Level Salaries - MBA & MCA






Rs. 5 - 6 LPA

Rs. 8 - 10 LPA

Rs. 12+ LPA


Rs. 4 - 5 LPA

Rs. 8 - 9 LPA

Rs. 10 + LPA

MBA & MCA - Job Roles & Salaries

MBA (Yearly Salary)

MCA (Yearly Salary)

Account Manager - Rs. 5 to 6 Lakhs

Software Developer - Rs. 4 to 5 Lakhs

Brand Manager - Rs. 9 to 10 Lakhs

Systems Analyst - Rs. 6 to 7 Lakhs

Healthcare & Hospital Manager - Rs. 5 to 6 Lakhs

Mobile App Developer - Rs. 4.5 to 6 Lakhs

Project Manager - Rs. 7 to 8 Lakhs

Technical Writer - Rs. 5 to 6 Lakhs

Marketing Manager - Rs. 4 to 5 Lakhs

Hardware Engineer - Rs. 3 to 5 Lakhs

Besides professional careers, candidates can also pursue PhD courses, short-term certification courses or PG Diploma courses, to solidify their knowledge and skills in the field.

MBA or MCA, Which is Better?

From the above table, you can clearly see a difference in the course structure and the subjects which reflects the different objectives of the MBA and MCA. So, it is hard to tell which course is better. The course suitability is dependent on the aim and desire of the students.

The MBA course is suitable for candidates who have good communication skills, who can adapt according to the demands of the business world and those who can come up with creative solutions to problems. The course also enables wide future prospects and has a high salary potential.

The MCA course is suitable for candidates who are interested in the various aspects of networking, software applications, technology, and programming. The course is generally inexpensive and may have high salary outcomes. The job roles may require the candidate to work efficiently with teams.

Salary is one of the major concerns which may create a dilemma among students. Regarding that too, both the courses are neck to neck. MCA may get an edge if you go by course fees perspective. MBA is much costlier than MCA in general. When making a choice between the two courses in question, it comes down to the candidate’s interests, aptitude, goals, and course fees. Candidates can analyse the aspects mentioned above to decide better.