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The Power of Retrying - Infographic

by on Oct 29, 2020
The Power of Retrying - Infographic

If you have listened to a phrase such as Try, Try Again then you should give its credit to William Edward Hickson and now get to the point that it is a reality. Retrying could help you achieve your big goals and change the world. From the most famous Harry Poter to Albert Einstein, all of the change we could see today is because the people behind these huge changes didn't give up, they kept retrying and won. Some even took it too far by retrying over a thousand times to make something that could change the world.

The success is there when you keep trying, retrying, and trying again. To help you understand this myth, here's an infographic:

The Power of Retrying - Infographic

The Power of Retrying - Infographic
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If this doesn't motivate you, what will?

Go, try, and retry till you succeed.

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