7 Great Online Learning Platforms to Develop New Skills

7 Great Online Learning Platforms to Develop New Skills

It won’t be wrong to say that the global pandemic has given us a lot of time to brush up on our skills. This may not be the time most people want to do something like that; people are working from home and working for home.

But since it is once in a lifetime opportunity, you may be looking for some new ways to occupy the extra time you have on hand. Online classes are a great option to keep you busy while you can still feel productive and purposeful.

So below is a list of all the platforms that offer online learning to develop new skills. The best part is most of these platforms are offering discounts due to the COVID-19 situation.


Coursera offers a wide variety of courses coming from top universities and companies that also include courses like The Science of Wellbeing Course and Google’s Python Crash Course. These courses vary from each other in aspects of cost and formats but they also offer flexibility where you can learn and watch videos according to your time and availability.

Coursera also offers individual courses, specialized courses, and degree programs so that you can learn through video lectures, homework exercises, peer-reviewed assignments and community discussion forums. You can also get advantage of high-quality educational tools and instructor interactions.


Skillshare is one of the best platforms for online learning that is specifically used by artists and creatives. It offers video-based courses in a wide variety of creative categories like drawing and illustration, creative writing, design, photography and more.

You can sign-up for free and explore a wide variety of free courses which are usually short video lessons that take just an hour to complete. So, it is easy to use and feasible. It also offers a supportive discussion forum where students can exchange their feedback.

The classes are divided into four categories-

  1. Creative Arts: This includes everything from graphic design to fine art, cooking and music production.
  2. Technology: It includes data science, web-design and e-commerce.
  3. Business: It comprises of finance, accounting and project management.
  4. Lifestyle: Teaching, languages, gaming and wellness come under this section.


Domestika is one of the largest communities for creatives You can learn from expert professionals and develop a new skill of your choice. It allows you to learn at your own pace; even if you are a slow learner you don’t have to worry about the speed. You can also share your projects, contribute and learn in forums, connect with other creatives and find employment.

The courses offered includes Photography and video, marketing and business, design, craft, 3D and animation, architecture and spaces, Calligraphy and typography, technology and more. All of these courses are professionally developed and make you feel like you are working side by side with leading professionals. Make use of your spare time and upgrade your skills at Domestika now at a discounted price.


Codeacademy is one of the best platforms for people who want to learn code but don’t know where to start with. It allows you to start at any level or at any experience. You just have to take a quiz to know where you are exactly and then start learning real code. They also offer a free plan that initially includes 180 hours of content, and you can also go for pro-membership. Hence, in terms of the facilities provided by the platform it is one of the best platforms that provide you with new skills and courses.


You would want to consider Udemy over any other platforms if you want to consider classes for business and marketing, IT, design and more. You can also listen to the videos in different languages. The platform also offers a preview of the course content so that you can be sure that the time commitment and topics align with your learning goals. It also recommends you suggestions so that you don’t get confused.

It makes course creation possible for everyone with possibility of acquiring new skills. Also, it is geared towards self-paced learning and video courses. You can either learn on an Android or an iOS device.


Pluralsight offers courses for individuals, business teams or other educators and students like software development, IT and data security; focusing on technology. It also offers practice exams so that you can just brush up your skills. The courses offered are not free of cost but the trails are not expensive as well, plus all the features justify the cost anyway.

Future Learn 

Last but not the least, Future Learn provides several tiers of classes in all kinds of subjects including business, art and media, healthcare, history, IT and computer science, humanities and other personal skills. You can have access to the free course for a time period of 14 days, and after that, you can upgrade your course and get a certificate.

Most of these courses are hosted by universities, businesses, or other organizations around the world. The platform provides the learners with an unlimited yearly subscription that gives you the liberty to take the course the way you want; at your own pace and convenience. You can also check the exact amount of week and hours per week, so you will know exactly the time commitment you have to give in.

So, these were the best online learning platforms that you can consider in case you want to learn a new skill or brush up the one you already have.