How to Schedule Messages on WhatsApp? (Quick Solution)

How to Schedule Messages on WhatsApp? (Quick Solution)

In this season of events and virtual parties, we have a lot to do with the social apps and when we are talking about WhatsApp, there are almost 70% chances that we send New Year wishes and other greetings using WhatsApp and we all love to use it. But, Whatsapp lacks an important feature which is Scheduled Messages or messages that can be sent at a given time. You can think of it in any way but there's a need for such a feature. As Facebook (Whatsapp parent company) is introducing a lot of new features to Whatsapp, we can expect this feature too, and to that date, we have found a quick solution to schedule messages on WhatsApp.

Yes, a simple solution that lets your schedule your WhatsApp messages and surprise your friends and family members with on-time wishes and more, so for this you have to install a third-party app (any whatsapp scheduler app for android or iphone), and here's how to do it:

  1. Open Google Play Store > download SKEDit app.
  2. Log in to the SKEDit app.
  3. From the Menu select the WhatsApp option.
  4. Turn on Toggle by going to SKEDit by tapping Enable Accessibility > click on Allow.
  5. Now go back to Whatsapp.

You will see an option that says "Ask Me Before Sending" and you have to tap ON that will enable your messages to be sent at a scheduled time and it will ask you before sending the message to particular phone contact. Whenever you want, you can also turn this feature off and use WhatsApp as normally as you do.

So, with this app, you can easily schedule your personal WhatsApp messages and if you are looking for a solution for your Whatsapp Business account, you can follow the official settings:

  1. Tap More options > Business tools > Away message.
  2. Turn on Send away message.
  3. Tap the message to edit it > OK.
  4. Under Schedule, tap and choose among: Always send, Custom schedule, and Outside of business hours
You can find more information on this support page of Whatsapp's official website.

So, this is how to schedule messages on WhatsApp and WhatsApp business accounts.

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