List of Top 10 Netflix Shows to Enjoy This Winter

List of Top 10 Netflix Shows to Enjoy This Winter

Netflix is now the mainstream for watching movies, web series, and TV shows, as everybody is downloading Netflix and enjoying the luxurious video experience with up to 4K clear display and with one account, you can access the same app with the same shows on your TV, Smartphone and Tablets or whatever smart device you own. This is amazing, and the very first question a person would ask is "What are the best shows on Netflix?" that's a question that old and new users of Netflix ask every month.

So, whatever the reason is, we have this great list of top 10 Netflix shows to enjoy this winter as you know these cozy nights without a companion hits really hard and when Netflix is there, you don't any other thing.

Top 10 Netflix Shows to Enjoy This Winter

Let us show you the latest list of best to watch on Netflix:

1. The Order

A horror fiction drama created by Dennis Heaton and the first episode released on March 7, 2019, that a boy joins a secret society with magic powers, monsters and more surprises, this with a story related to a prestigious secret society at a university, this is an engaging Netflix show and having two seasons, this show is a love for thousands of Netflixers who loves to watch more about secrets, this is a pure thing to binge on.

2. The Haunting of Hill House

Another Netflix hit, horror supernatural drama released on October 12, 2018. This is an American television series for Netflix that received nominations for MTV Movie Award for Most frightening performance and more. What else you wanna inquire about this? go watch it.

3. Lucifer 

The first episode released on January 25, 2016, this is the best Netflix show to watch in winters and enjoy the cold season. This is about a demon's show on Netflix, that returns from hell to live with humans and then he starts exploring more, he starts helping cops and there's more to watch.

4. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Another hit horror fiction that could make you go crazy with the exciting scenes. She's a student girl, a normal student in her high school, and half-witch in her magic school. Yes, with a story of a girl who is half-witch and half-human, makes this Netflix show a must watch.

5. Dynasty

This is what happens when you have much to spend and you try controlling your wealth and children with your money or buying power. This is a soap drama and is a good watch for everybody on Netflix.

6. No Tomorrow

They cherish you and this cute couple with a comedy drama show on Netflix that kills your hours easily. You will enjoy the life of Evie and Xavier and they can help you do the things that you might be thinking about in these crises. As the story really fits in today's situation of the world. Just give it a watch on Netflix

7. Locke and Key

Like the high ranked and top Netflix shows, this is another supernatural horror fantasy in a drama genre that shows you how three siblings turn their daily life into a life of wonders after that father's murder. No more details, watch this masterpiece you will love it.

8. October Faction

Whatever, even if it's November, December, or January and February, this Netflix show is a good fit. Just one season and better than other creepy shows.

9. The Circle

This is more than a reality drama type of show, but it is worth watching on Netflix as the star cast is awesome and the story is relatable to many of us.

10. Haven

This Netflix title is not that fresh, but still, it is a worth watching show. The story starts when an FBI agent got to know that people of a town where he is on a small job of investigation are showing paranormal abilities. This is something that you should watch in the winter season.

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