7 Ways to Remodel Your Swimming Pool

7 Ways to Remodel Your Swimming Pool

Staying at home turns out as the best way of living our lives and it becomes more beautiful when we have a backyard with a pool and some family members to enjoy. As for now, we are using pools more than ever, everybody is considering a pool remodeling. This surely adds to expenses and we should focus more on making changes to the swimming pool while staying within a budget.

To do it professionally, we are here with a few tips and ways to let you know how you can remodel your pool in cheap ways and make it lush. As prices are not accurate in different areas of the world, we are writing the things that you can easily find in your local markets and these things will not be expensive. Read the list now:

1. Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen which is next to your pool makes sense and the BBQ parties, night parties and tanning will become more classy with delicious food at your a few steps. However, this is a pricy but in another way a cheap way of remodeling your pool, but if you can spend about $700 to $400 on a pool-side kitchen, it will make you avoid other things such as a fire pit or having an extra oven/refrigerator.

2. LED Lighting

If you love to add some colors to your pool, the most inexpensive and easiest way for remodeling your pool is to add some LED lights and let's make your pool shine at the night. If you are interested, you can add some LED fixtures by yourself and it will cost you not more than $400 or you can hire a handyman who will do it for you for $50 to $100 (this is for adding LEDs to your pool's overall look). You can also install some LEDs outside the pool and at the stairs or benches that are near to your pool. If you go to the market and ask for a LED pool light or an underwater light bulb, they will charge you more than the usual price, so make sure you are purchasing these lights having savings in mind.

3. Fire Pit

Is it cool outside? you still want to use your pool and stay warm? you can install a fire pit near to your pool and enjoy a luxury pool bath. This may cost you not more than $500 and some of the fire pits even warm up your pool water, that's the extra benefit you can get at a low price.

4. Touch The Garden

If you have a pool, you must have a garden around it and it makes it more luxurious. That garden can't look beautiful on its own, you have to make choices and remodel the garden too. You can add some flowers and other beautiful plants for having more natural colors aside from your pool and making use of the garden in the right way. If it's your backyard garden, you can add some fruits and vegetables too, it will help you cook delicious dishes and have nice smells around your pool.

5. Powder-coated Handrails

Every pool owner can feel and witness this common mistake by pool makers. If your pool handrails are not powder-coated, you will end up burning your hands in direct sunlight and it hurts hard. If you want to have some safe and classy handrails, you should ask someone to install powder-coated handrails and enjoy the pool baths without getting your hands any harm from the heated handrails.

6. Resurfacing the Deck

If you want to totally remodel your pool and make it look like a new pool, you should resurface your pool deck by adding some new tiles or using the latest and trendy stone tiles. If you want a very cheap method, you can simply get the acrylic lace coating applied that will cost you not more than $1,000, and it's worth it.

7. Water Features

Adding some water features will surely give your pool a strong remodeling touch and it will attract more of your friends to party at your side. However, it is somehow the pricy way of remodeling your pool, it is also the best way to make your pool look more trendy and high class. You can add some fountains, pillars throwing water into the pool, and little water pumps inside the pool. 

So, these are some of the cheapest ways to remodel your pool and make it an all-new pool that will surprise your family and friends.