Brick Toys and Their Usefulness

Brick Toys and Their Usefulness

When we think of bricks toys, the primary name that comes to mind is LEGO. The company is the largest toymaker in the world, and they promote their brick toys as a form of mindfulness. Adults and children are happy to play with LEGO as long as there is also an instruction sheet. Those who choose to build with LEGO notice that by clicking and interlocking bricks together seem to bring calmness. Adults love the idea of turning piles of multicoloured plastic into something recognisable.

For many people, playing with bricks have become a kind of guided meditation with a tangible reward in the end. Some had picked their first LEGO when they were children; others discovered LEGO much later. For example, for some constructing with bricks has become a ritual, and in the end, they end up creating a big city skyline, or an iconic building that can be displayed at the office. Some choose to mirror their travels, where they can pick Lego sets that can represent either the Eiffel Tower after a trip to Paris or brick sets of Buckingham Palace if there was a trip to London.

The Lego as Company

Lego is the largest and most profitable toymaker, which is growing on specific demographics: stressed-out adults. The 87-year old Danish company is top-rated in bringing coloured bricks as a way to help people drown out their daily noise and achieve a measure of calmness. Besides, the company also has kits that can entertain the adults, such as the Central Park cafe from the Friends TV series, which will tap into Gen X nostalgia. Besides, today, many of us who are into our thirties or grew up in the 90’s know how happy we are when we are building a Star Wars Millennium Falcon using Lego since some of us are complete nerds.

Regarding Lego, many people who play with it also have made their wish list. The company has also recalled that many adults that have high-pressure jobs are saying that by using Lego, they can disconnect from the mania of the day. It is because they are looking for a relaxing, calming experience and they also like that Lego sets, each of them, even if it is a Hogwarts Castle, come with instructions that can help to be in the zone.

Lego has also introduced into their offer a line of koi fish and shark models with gentle movements so it could appeal to the builders who are in search of a joyful, creative challenge. Of course, the Lego appeal spans generations where the adult fans of Lego, also known as AFOLs have inspired a dozen social media groups and also have created at least one “blocumentary”. Besides, a blocumentary is a book that aims to teach Lego fans how to use the bricks as a form of stress relief. In this book, there are no complicated models; its primary purpose is to simply revel in the process.

Nanoblock: Lego’s Competitor

Lego is not the only company that specialises in brick toys. Another one was born in Japan called Nanoblock, and it has been on sale worldwide starting from 2008. The nanoblock bricks are smaller than the Lego ones because the smallest nanoblock measures at a mere 4mm x 4mm x 5mm. They are manufactured to have the highest standard for a perfect fit, and they had become a huge success everywhere.

The nanoblock sets come in all sizes and varieties, even if children are not so much into them because of their intricate designs and the bricks being tiny, adults find them relaxing as Lego bricks. Just like Lego, nanoblock has its own sets, from small animals to huge ships or castles. Nanoblock is a competitor to Lego because Lego having regular sized blocks, it is not possible to reproduce little details builds, and this is the part where nanoblock came with a solution. The solution was smaller brick blocks, and of course, the company also have a mini collection series.

Like Lego, Nanoblock sets come with their instructions as well, and it is still possible to create your unique creation. Pretty much anyone can find satisfaction from building with nanoblocks; it doesn’t matter if they are beginners or experts. As a company, Nanoblock also comes with a motto of “fun to build, fun to display and fun to collect” and had become a hobby for people as well.

Mindfulness and the Point of Freeing Your Mind

Mindfulness is a meditative practice that is rooted in ancient Buddhism and Hinduism, and the main focus of this meditation is to be focused on the present without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. This meditative practice of mindfulness is best seen in playing with bricks toys such as Lego or Nanoblock because it can help the human being focus on the present moment. Mindfulness is best to alleviate stress and anxiety, and it can improve sleep and even lower the blood pressure.

Nowadays, mindfulness has become a mainstream buzzword. Even companies such as Apple, Nike, and HBO have added meditation rooms for their employees. Besides, there are also apps such as Headspace and Calm that promise to help people find peace. Brick toys are not the only ones that offer the practice of mindfulness because other companies provide even mindful knitting workshops. Also, even by reading a book, or colouring can promise you to enter into the process of mindfulness.