What Qualities Can Turn You into a Best Stenographer?

What Qualities Can Turn You into a Best Stenographer?

If you think that stenography does not lead to a successful career, you are a bit wrong. SSC Stenographer vacancy has always been a wonderful job post among the youth who are not interested in typical other posts. The Staff Selection Commission conducts SSC exams and students need to be well planned for this exam to grab expected scores. There are 2 stages of this recruitment called Grade C and D. Stenography is all about a sort of creative skill where you need to create shorthand notes and then get it typed on. This test holds two phases that candidates need to clear. 

  • Stage 1 – This phase revolves around analyzing candidates’ skills organizing a dictation period in which you need to create a note following shorthand technique on a sheet. It is a rapid writing test where candidates use abbreviations and symbols. Once your dictation is done then you need to proceed to the next stage.
  • Stage 2 – A transcription is a method in which a conversation/speech will be typed on a computer to prepare a soft copy.

It means you need to pay attention not only to the theoretical parts but also to skill tests. What attracts candidates more towards this job is the handsome SSC Stenographer Salary. After great preparation, candidates should also know the qualities of an ideal candidate so that you can inculcate them in stipulated time. Let us check it out in a detailed manner -

Be Responsible Towards Your Job Duties – 

If you think that the stenographer job post does not come with that many responsibilities, then you are a bit wrong. Stenographers need to be responsible for their work. Moreover, perfection is not optional in their job. Stenographer post does not come up with specific job duties but it covers many other responsibilities too. Here, we are going to emphasize such as – 

  • You will also be accountable to handle telephone calls.
  • Having a conversation with the visitors to know the purpose
  • A stenographer is also responsible to prepare tour programs as well as travel arrangements 
  • Candidates may also be called to handle parliamentary work.
  • You probably will be called to look after the monetary management system of important references.

Passion To Keep Doing The Best – 

You need to be passionate about your job being a stenographer. Sometimes this job seems a bit boring but it is not. Therefore, it is quite important to be passionate about this job indeed.

Maintaining Good Typing Speed  – 

Your typing speed can slow if a practice is not persisted. Therefore, the next quality on the list is tenacity which enhances the value of a stenographer candidate. If you want to be in this field then you need to do the best to keep maintaining the typing speed. Therefore, continuous practice is needed. Chances are high that work can be difficult sometimes but you must not be discouraged. A good stenographer never feels lethargic and that is what makes it completely different from others.

To Be Disciplined-

You need to be disciplined while working since it leaves a great impact on your seniors. You need to be good at working in a sophisticated manner irrespective of the way that many distractions are available in front of you.

Stay Curious To Learn New Things – 

Here, it needs to mention that curiosity plays a major role to make you a good stenographer. Moreover, you need to understand the depth of the language in which you are working. If you are supposed to operate in the legal field, you require staying up to date in different connected fields. It means you need to work on vocabulary.

Hold A Great General Knowledge – 

A good stenographer makes sure that they are following all up-to-date news to make sure what is going on in the world. It helps them while they are working.

Stay Organized and Well Structured– 

Sometimes, you could have more work and you need to be on time too. If you are one of them who can stay well-organized irrespective of other facts then you can carve out a special image in your firm. A stenographer who put his best in his work is always respected and goes up in his career

Speed Is What Makes You Standing Out From Crowd-

And the most important quality of a good stenographer is speed. You need to be fast and quick while working since sometimes you could have a very short deadline. If you are good at grabbing things quickly without making any errors then you are going to win the game.

In The Last –

If you are going to kick off your career being a stenographer, you should inculcate these qualities. Hope this information has helped you to get how you need to go ahead.