Why You Should Use a VPN?

Why You Should Use a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) is capable of giving you controls over your online privacy and make you anonymous even on a public network that is being provided by your local internet services providers. As some of the internet connections private data services with a gateway, they could be sharing sensitive data with third parties and a data breach could risk your personal information to be leaked online. To avoid such problems, people use a VPN service. It helps to build a protective layer over your internet connection by establishing a secure and encrypted connection that you can access all of your devices and anywhere you go.

Now we have apps and browser extensions even computer software that makes it easier to install a VPN and access the internet without telling websites your location and hiding your IP. So, here's why you should use a VPN:

It helps to encrypt your internet traffic

When you are accessing your Facebook account, your Gmail account, sending photos to your loved ones, doing online banking, or sending next plans to your employees, you can encrypt all of this internet traffic by installing a VPN and this should be done to protect yourself from the harms of today's hacking abilities. You should beware and send sensitive data over the internet when you are using a VPN.

When using a public Wi-Fi network

If you often use a public wi-fi network to access the internet, you should use a VPN app or other VPN service that will ensure your online privacy and encrypt the connection to make it secure for you. As public wifi networks could reshare your location, real identity, and even your photos and videos with all the other files you may have stored in your device. So, always use a VPN when you are using a public wi-fi network connection.

When you are using a hotspot (friend's data plan)

As it is also a public Wi-Fi connection, even if it's your friend's mobile device and you badly need to access the internet, you should create a bridge between the data transfers by using a VPN and this will help you cope with all the hacking, data leaking and other problems. As a VPN encrypts your internet traffic, you can safely use any hotspot connection when you have a VPN installed on your device.

When you want to be anonymous on the internet

There are times when you want to hide your ass from the internet and go anonymous then watch whatever you need or share whatever you want with your fellows. You can also stream online without sharing your location and sometimes the online streaming services such as Netflix and others don't allow you to watch a movie by hiding it in locations in your country. You can access Netflix blocked movies using a VPN by changing your location. However, some services will ban your accounts, so be aware of this fact.

When working from home

As of today, most of the companies and local businesses are focusing on the working from home model, and it's working great, for this, you need to access different software and apps over the internet. To help you break the chains of a data breach, you can use a VPN to hide your IP and geo-location that will benefit you in different ways. You can have your passwords and other data encrypted so even if there's a data breach, you will be on the safe side.

When traveling around the globe

No matter where you are going, sometimes, you need to access internet and when you are at an airport of another country, you will be asked to use a free Wi-Fi network and you will enjoy that too. However, some local shop owners and security companies may access your personal information. So to be safe from such activities, you can use a VPN that will encrypt such data.

When you hate targetted advertising

Most of the internet is up with the revenue it generates for the website owners and most of the revenue is being generated by advertising. When it's about online advertising, most of the advertisers are spending most of their budget on the targetted audience and this is when you may start hating the online advertisements. You can get out of this trauma by installing a VPN that will help you bypass that targeted audience advertising and you will see random ads.

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