Facebook's Chief of Advertising Integrity Steps Down After 4 Years

Facebook's Chief of Advertising Integrity Steps Down After 4 Years

Despite the ups and downs of Facebook's advertising policies and products, Rob Leathern worked for the company as a Chief of Advertising integrity for 4 years consistently and stepped down on Friday.

With various conspiracy theories and some real controversies about Facebook's misinformation on the US presidential election, COVID-19 vaccination, and more, Rob handled everything with beauty and then decided to leave the company to pursue his own road of working on consumer privacy as he is looking beyond the ads and selling user's information.

Here's what Rob Leathern tweeted:

"After almost 4 years, I made the difficult decision to leave Facebook, and 12/30/20 was my last day at FB. I've had a great experience in a difficult, fun, fast-growing and impactful role at the company working with amazing people. I was honored to call them colleagues!"

However, Facebook is yet to comment on this news. Rob Leathern is a well-known professional who has been in the news because of Facebook's misleading information and low-level fact-checking systems.

Leathern also tweeted his future endeavors and shared his will for working on consumer privacy rather than just ads on social media networks and he promised to share more details by the next week.

There's no official statement by Facebook.