Top 10 Free eBook Download Websites in 2024

Top 10 Free eBook Download Websites in 2024

With a lot of time at home, we can read various books for increasing our knowledge base on different aspects of life. However, sometimes we feel a little messy or cluttery with having books on the shelves, computer tables, or on the bed. The best way of getting rid of such boring happenings is replacing hard books with free eBooks that we can access on our smartphones without carrying any paper books.

This is the beauty of using technology in a useful manner. As good books are not really free anywhere in the world, we can still get our hands over them by downloading those books in eBook format such as ePub and PDF. With that having in mind, we created a list of the top 10 best free ebook download websites that provides you thousands of free books in PDF format that you can download for free and read on any device you own at your own selected time and wherever you are.

Top 10 Free eBook Download Websites in 2024

All of the listest sites will give you free access to thousands of public domain and even some of the expensive books that you may not buy from a bookstore but will be able to read in PDF format for free.

1. Library Genesis

A search engine of free books. Library Genesis is a huge search engine for searching free books with an index of over 3 million books that are available for free in ebook formats such as PDF and other file extensions that you may need with various options and mirrors to download free ebooks without registration.

Sci-Tech, Fiction, Comics, and other standard genres are available with magazines and articles that you can search by Title, Author, Series, Publisher, Year, ISBN, Language, Tags, and even the file extensions.

2. Many Books

A free ebook downloads site with 50,000+ titles that you can download or read online for free. The UI of this website is clean and minimal which lets you find the latest and trending books easily or you can search any title from the public domain and read without paying a single penny. With genres from Romance, Fantasy, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Action to Thriller, you can enjoy biographies and more.

You can find the best deals and trending books on the homepage that will help you to select your next ebook read and find some popular classics too.

3. Open Library

If you are looking for an open library that everybody can edit and add the latest information that others can check and get access to almost every famous book in ebook format, then the Open Library project is really an interesting website for you. This website is allowing you to download over 1.5 million ebooks for free and find the perfect tiles without going through a river.

From Art, Recipes, Romance, Fiction to other genres such as Fantasy and Biographies, you can find almost every book on this Internet Archive powered Open Library. You can read ebooks and listen to audiobooks that too for free.

4. Overdrive

If you want to read free ebooks from a legal website and don't want to pay either, you are good to open Overdrive and access hundreds of public libraries with an index of thousands of ebooks that you can search for and then go to the relevant website for download free ebooks or you can listen to the audiobooks on this site for free.

With a clean and fast loading website, you can easily find newly released books and even The New York Times Bestsellers and other famous titles that you may not find on any other free ebook download sites.

5. Project Gutenberg

This is probably the best alternative to Z Library and with an extensive hand-picked index of over 60,000 titles with a focus on older works, Project Gutenberg is helping book lovers to read any free ebook online or download and read later. The books are available for free and most of them are public domain titles. This is probably the best place to find a random book and read something new rather than jumping into the same categories that you like.

The best thing about Gutenberg is you don't require any special ebook reader apps and there's no need to register an account or pay any fee. You are free to download free ebooks and do it as much as you want.

6. Feedbooks

With a few hundred (hand-picked) public domains and original free ebooks, this site is offering you a very unique way of finding a perfect read and downloading any book that you like for free without seeing any ads or waiting for the site to load fully. You will be able to download ePUB format ebooks and read them anywhere on any device with a reader application on your device.

You can also buy some books and check out the new releases, know the reading time and know how many words in a book, or simply go for the best sellers.

7. Free-eBooks

This is another great website with thousands of book titles that are paid but they are allowing 5 free downloads per month. This means, you can download 5 free ebooks every month and this is a perfect way to don't read any irrelevant books but find a perfect one and choose from the different genres than download 5 books every month and make a habit of reading them in 30 days.

Probably, five free ebooks will be enough for a good reader to complete a month of new understandings and learnings.

8. Censtless Books

This site looks like an Amazon affiliate website that redirects you to Amazon where you can directly download free ebooks or audiobooks that are available on Amazon for free. The good thing about this website for free ebook downloads is they are showing the best reads so that you don't have to dive deeper in Amazon search and find the perfect free titles easily from this website.

9. obooko

This is a free ebook download site that offers you hundreds of book titles in PDF format that you can quickly download by going to the website, clicking on Get My Books! button and then navigating through the categories for finding your favorite title that you can download for free.

10. Bookboon

A student-focused website with a huge collection of study and business-related ebooks that everyone can read for free. But, the bad thing about this website is (that is not really that bad), you have to register a free account before you can actually access any free ebook and the collection is limited to 1000+ free textbooks only.

NOTE: We tested all of the above-listed sites and found that all these sites are offering free ebook downloads and currently the best of any other websites available with an option to download ebooks for free.

You can free download ebooks from these sites and share this list of top 10 free ebook download sites with your friends.