Jlab Announced Jbuds Frames at $50

Jlab Announced Jbuds Frames at $50

Normally, when you purchase wireless audio for your ears, you are seeking for an in-ear bud over-the-ear headphone approach. However, setting up audio into a pair of sunglasses is an area in wireless audio that seems to gain steam. The only issue is that they are pricey, and it limits you to that single pair of sunglasses. JLab is hoping to change that with its new JBuds Frames, which will accommodate to any pair of glasses.

With JBuds Frames, you can connect a pair of two true wireless open-ear speakers to the temples of any eyewear, so you could swap them between your regular glasses and sunglasses. JLab is adding several silicone sleeves to support a range of eyewear temple sizes.


The speakers, which each weigh 11.7 grams, have 16.2mm drivers and an IPX4 waterproof rating. JLab declares they can run for up to eight hours on a single charge, though you have the privilege to use just one speaker at a time to preserve battery life.


JBuds Frames include buttons that allow you to change the volume, switch between Signature and Bass boost EQ settings and accept or decline calls. While we can’t speak to the audio quality of JBuds Frames without having tried them, JLab’s earbuds are usually good value for money.


The JLab Jbuds Frames are available for just $50 with a 2-year warranty, which is good as you will be able to move the JBuds Frames between any pairs of glasses you are wearing.