Pakistan Railways Reservation System Crashes, IT Team Working on Backup

Pakistan Railways Reservation System Crashes, IT Team Working on Backup

Two days are gone and the ticket reservation system of Pakistan Railways across the country has come to a standstill (a data breach is also reported by local news updates). This online booking closure of the railways has lost millions of rupees to the Pakistani government.

According to the details, online booking is closed and offline booking in the offices will be open from 8 AM, causing severe inconvenience to the passengers from Karachi to the whole country-level.

The reservation chart of the trains could not be drawn even on the third day. Ticket checkers are charting the data of all passengers. Checking of tickets in trains is being done without reservation chart. Additional commercial staff was deployed on the trains to compile passenger data charts but now the IT department of the railways claimed to have restored the backup system.

According to the details, the IT department of the railways has claimed to start the e-ticket booking backup system if the booking system is not restored.

Online booking is closed on the backup system, only counter booking is going on.

Pakistan Railways currently facing huge losses on a daily basis due to the closure of the online ticket reservation and booking system, with only 10 percent of passengers benefiting from the reservation backup system introduced by the IT department of Pakistan Railways.

A railway spokesman said the system would be restored by evening, after which online bookings would be possible.

It may be recalled that due to the coronavirus, strict precautionary measures (SOPs) are being taken in the railways. Under the SOPs, the railway authorities have banned the checking of train staff tickets.

It was also decided to close the doors of the coaches after the passengers entered and seated. Staff was also instructed to ensure social distance from passengers on and off the trains.