Squeezing the Most Out of a Netflix Subscription in 2021 and Beyond

Squeezing the Most Out of a Netflix Subscription in 2021 and Beyond

From Ozark to Lupin to Outside The Wire, there is plenty to look forward to as a Netflix subscriber. But content alone doesn’t make a service—the experience does.

And while Netflix has come a long way since its early days, there are a few things that could be improved on. Today, let’s go over eight ways you can enhance your Netflix experience.

8 Tips to Better Your Netflix Experience

Here we are showing you 8 ways to up your Netflix game and experience the best of this wonderful video streaming service.

1. Disable Autoplay (Especially for Trailers)

You know the feeling—the feeling of an episode ending, the credits rolling, and just a few seconds later, the theme music of the show blasting in your ears. The sometimes-jarring cut to the next episode is Netflix’s autoplay feature at work.

Not everyone wants to experience such a transition. Some prefer watching the credits or using it as a time to throw away trash, go to the bathroom, etc. Fortunately, Netflix gives users the ability to disable autoplay.

Not only can users disable autoplay for episodes, but they can also disable autoplay for show/movie previews that play whenever you scroll to a new show or movie. Never again do you have to experience the jump scare that is The Office’s theme music playing randomly at 3 A.M.

2. Be Sure to Check Out the “Latest” Tab

Netflix is home to tons and tons of content. From movies that premiered back in the 1900s to the third season of a show that debuted only three years ago, it’s impossible to literally “run out” of content on Netflix. But it’s easy to get bored of the content you’ve already watched, and not everything will appeal to absolutely everyone.

If you're in need of a new show to watch, why not check out the "Latest" tab? The Latest section displays all newly-added shows, movies, and seasons. It can be pretty hit or miss, but if you’re bored and need something to binge, it wouldn’t hurt to check it out.

3. Use a VPN to Access Geo-Blocked Content

Netflix may have years’ worth of content buried in its service, but the content you have access to depends on where you live. No, really!

Someone living in the United Kingdom won’t have access to the same content people in the United States have. The difference in viewable content between countries exists for a variety of reasons, from censorship to licensing issues.

So, what happens if a show you want to watch isn’t available in your country? For starters, you can stream Netflix with a VPN. A VPN will route your connection to Netflix through a server located in the country of your choosing. This essentially “tricks” Netflix (and other websites) into believing you are physically located in that country.

4. Play Netflix Roulette to Find Your Next Show or Movie

Even with access to all the Netflix content you could possibly want, you’re going to run out of shows or movies that stick out to you enough to binge or watch on a Friday night. How does one find new content on Netflix without digging through hundreds of IMDB reviews?

ReelGood aims to create a solution to that question with Netflix Roulette, a page on their website dedicated to finding the perfect show or movie for you. While not perfect or in-depth, it allows users to adjust results based on IMDB ratings, ReelGood ratings, and genre.

Not every show and movie it presents to you will be to your fancy, but it's a neat feature on ReelGood's website if you're in desperate need of something to watch.

5. Purchase the Right Subscription Plan

Netflix knows two things: users often share their accounts with friends and family, and that 4k HDR is becoming the “norm” for many binge watchers. Equipped with this knowledge, Netflix has divided access to its service into three tiers: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

The Basic tier is $8.99/mo and allows one viewer on the account at one time and Standard Definition (SD) streaming quality. Definitely not a good choice for family-shared accounts or those who want to show off their brand new 4K TV.

The Standard tier is similar to the Basic tier at $13.99, but instead of being limited to SD, viewers can stream at HD quality (1080p). The number of people allowed on the account at once is also increased to two.

Finally, there’s the Premium tier, which allows 4K quality streaming and for four people to use the account at the same time. This is the most expensive at $17.99/mo, but it is definitely worth it.

6. Properly Set Up Netflix Profiles

Sharing a Netflix account means letting friends and family members potentially mess up your viewing recommendations and manipulating the algorithm into showing you content you have zero interest in. Such situations are why Netflix designed the profile system.

Netflix profiles act as sub-accounts within the main account. With profiles, users are able to watch the shows and movies they want to separate from everyone else’s content, meaning what they watch won’t affect what everyone else is watching or their recommendations.

Take some time to give everyone on your account a profile. If you have a kid, you can even create a kid profile that filters content to only family-friendly content and adheres to parental controls!

7. Customize Subtitles For a Pleasurable Experience

Subtitles are a bonus to some, and a need for many. If you find yourself using subtitles on everything you watch, head over to your settings and customize how your subtitles appear.

From location on the screen to color to the backdrop, Netflix allows for heavy customization of subtitles—perfect for any viewer!

8. Take Advantage of Chrome Extensions

Netflix feels like a complete and polished product. But even complete products can benefit from browser extensions! If you use Chrome or Firefox, keep an eye out for Netflix browser extensions.

Some add IMDB ratings to Netflix, some add more keyboard shortcuts, and some allow you to have a viewing party. Search for some extensions and try a few of them out!


No streaming service is perfect, not even the king itself, Netflix. With these eight tips, however, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect viewing experience.