Boost Your Company With Video Ads

Boost Your Company With Video Ads

It is not an overstatement to say that social media dominates most of our lives today, in ways we couldn’t have imagined ten or fifteen years ago. Social media allows us to connect to our family and friends regardless of distance and is many people’s first source for news and information about the world in general.

Social media is also vital to the operation of any business, regardless of industry. There are multiple ways in which your social media impacts your business, and it requires appropriate management in order to be truly effective. 

Many businesses have found that managing that it is impractical to manage their social media marketing in-house. For these companies, the best solution is to hire an outside creative agency to generate the right branded ad content for them.

Your Page Is For Your Fans

Your social media page is for people who already have enough interest to have liked or followed your page. This means that your content should be of a type that they want to interact with. Unfortunately, many businesses use their social media pages for unengaging content. 

While it may seem beneficial to post regularly, if you aren’t posting content that your followers interact with, it is a waste of time. For example, Facebook algorithms will not show pages you do not engage with regularly unless they have not posted in a long time.

This means that if a business is regularly posting content that doesn’t encourage interaction (click-throughs, likes, comments, etc), that business stops showing up in your feed. You can overcome the algorithms by sharing content like videos that will be watched and interacted with. 

Targeted Ads Aren’t Perfect

Your ideal social media ad campaign will reach your customers naturally, as they scroll through. It is possible to pay for targeted ads, which will help more people see your ad. Unfortunately, you can have an ad target, and still have your ad not be effective. 

The first step is proper targeting. Social media targets can be too broad or too specific to be helpful. Targeting too broadly means that your ad payment runs out before it reaches the people it needs to, while most of the ads go to people that do not benefit from it. To narrow a target means that many eligible customers never see your ad. 

The point of social media ad targeting is to get the right ad in front of the people who need to see them, at a time that is appropriate. Targeting at the wrong time or in the wrong way will keep your ad from getting where it should. 

Content Has to Be Appealing

Think of the last time you were on Facebook. Do you recall any of the ads? Which ones did you click? While having your brand name show up as someone is scrolling past creates brand awareness, it does not help you get trackable, quantifiable results. 

In order to get people engaged with your content, you have to provide content that people want to interact with. This can be through ads that require the customer to do something to receive an incentive, but this type of marketing means you are paying for the ad so you can give something away. 

The ideal is to create content that is engaging on its own. One method for this is video ads. With well-made video ads, you can encourage people to view your products, often without even realizing they are being marketed to. 

A well-placed testimonial video about a problem that a potential customer is having that happens to mention your product as the solution might not only reach that person but end up being shared by them to all of their friends. 

Video ads allow you to put engaging content right in front of your customer base, in ways that they are ready to receive. Many people view every video that comes across their TikTok, without even realizing which ones are ads. This is the level of organic marketing that you want to attain. 

To wrap up, the best way to reach your customers is through organic social media sharing, and the best way to have that sharing be organic is through video ads.