Here Are Top 10 Ways to Be Financially Independent in 2024

Here Are Top 10 Ways to Be Financially Independent in 2024

After the Covid-19 pandemic, most people are finding it difficult to get proper financial security and do not have the capacity to live off one's savings and investments, with no debt obligations. The global crisis has turned many lives upside down, causing financial hardships by taking away stability and confidence.

However, the year 2024 came with a hope of reviving and recreating what is lost. Here are 10 ways that will help you become financially independent in 2024. 

Define Financial Independence for Yourself

Begin with determining your financial goals and make a vision of economic independence for yourself.

Financial freedom may mean different things for you at a different age, what is essential is to have a realistic approach to your goals to see through all the available options. Do not compare your financial situation to your peers because your financial goals and individual needs are different.

Create a Budget

Budgeting requires you to create a plan on how you are going to spend the money. It helps you allocate the available finances to their best possible use and saves you from overspending and running out of cash. You can start by making a list of regular money inflows and outflows for creating a sufficient budget for your finances.

Create a Budget

If you don't know how to budget, then it is time that you learn budgeting, as it will help you divert funds towards your financial goals. Making a monthly budget will help you become financially disciplined and put your money to use in the most effective manner. But, in case you run into an emergency, applying for a short-term loan would be a good choice. Fortunately, SMS loans are popular in Sweden. They are instant, fast, secure and will help fix your budget holes. 

Prioritize Saving and Investment

People tend to spend first and invest whatever amount is left at the end of the month. You should try to reverse the process and save/invest a fixed amount every month based on your average monthly expenses. By prioritizing saving and investment, you will inculcate a habit of spending less than you earn.

Also, start small but early and invest in investment avenues that can offer you inflation-beating returns. As the famous saying by Warren Buffett, there are two rules of investing - Rule 1.: never lose money and Rule 2.: don't forget rule number one.

Stay Away From Borrowing

Loans make it difficult to achieve financial independence, and it is, therefore, advisable to stay away from all kinds of borrowings. If you are in absolute need of finances, then check your credit rating before applying for loans. If you already have loan obligations, then make a plan to avoid defaults as it can take you away from reaching financial independence.

However, it is always advisable to reduce your debt in order to remain financially independent. The maintaining and servicing of debt require a significant amount of financial discipline and expert advice.

Explore Your Career

Giving up on a career that you love for the sake of financial independence is not the solution. But you cannot achieve financial freedom without a stable income to save and invest in future. Reach out to the qualified experts and seek advice on how to expand your income options such as part-time or freelancing jobs in your field.

Remember that there is always a way to pursue the career you love and remain financially independent at the same time. All you need is to stay focused and keep thriving towards aligning your financial and career goals. 

Downsize Your Spending

Money saved is money earned. Hence, by cutting down on your overall expenses, you can increase your savings and put it to better usage. Downsizing may involve switching to lower rents, cutting down on your luxuries, and reducing wasteful expenditure. 

You need to identify unnecessary expenses and reduce them as much as possible. This will not only improve your financial health but will also cultivate a habit of mindful spending within you. 

Invest in Assets That Generate Income

Do your research on the available attractive investment tools. Multiple investment options such as stocks, real estate for which you can get the help of an estate planning service, fixed deposits for which you can ask your bank manager, or cash investments such as lending money or funding a startup have their ups and downs in the market, choose wisely.

You need to focus on investments that appreciate over time and generate a steady income for your financial freedom. Also, don't forget to study the tax implications of any investment transaction you make.

However, you should beware of Ponzi schemes that offer a high rate of interest at first, but you might end up losing more than what you invested initially. Never forget the power of compound interest as it can grow your wealth exponentially. 

Tax Planning and Insurance Cover

Plan your taxes in advance, ensuring that it is aligned with your long term financial goals. Turn to ways which help create wealth and save tax simultaneously. You can also choose to have insurance cover early in your life as the premiums get more expensive with age.

Planning your taxes and having a sufficient insurance cover may seem less important, but its impact on your income and saving will surprise you. Therefore, you should always look for ways to plan your taxes and get insurance cover. 

Create an Emergency Fund

An emergency never knocks on the door. Hence, preparing yourself for unprecedented situations can help avoid sudden financial shocks to your finances.

Create an Emergency Fund

Considering your average monthly expenses, build an emergency fund which can help you sail through without income for at least six months. You can invest in liquid funds so that it is readily available whenever you face an emergency.

Review Your Financial Position Regularly

Reviewing your financial position once every six months will provide you with a reality check on the performance of your investments and give you control over your finances.

This assessment will allow you to make changes in your current assets and build future investment plans. It will also help you in keeping your debt levels in check and rebuilding your credit rating.


Achieving financial independence is not easy, but diligence and a bit of sacrifice can turn things around in your favour bringing economic confidence and stability to your life. Here is hoping that the year 2024 will take you closer to financial independence and confidence in not giving up on your financial goals.