6 Ways to Improve Your Negotiation Skills as a Woman

6 Ways to Improve Your Negotiation Skills as a Woman

A woman who can't negotiate seems like a girl who doesn't know the basics of shopping. Yes, every woman should understand some basics of shopping for anything from malls to shops, and even when purchasing things online, women tend to find high quality and still low price products. This makes a woman more important and more intelligent than men who spend more just for having that brand in their hands while an intelligent woman with some best negotiating skills could easily grab the same item at a lower price.

To me, I can personally verify and confirm that I've seen many girls and old ladies at malls and shopping centers who get discounts even on fixed-price items. That's a shock to me, but really, it is happening and women can really do such negotiating just by molding the shop owner's viewpoints and I saw that shop keeper and representatives say more rates to women and less to men. They do it to make sure that they are not at a loss as most of the women don't buy anything without getting a discount.

So, here are the top 6 methods to negotiate as a woman and you should learn these skills to be a good consumer no matter where or what you are shopping for.

1. Say A Warm Hello

If you want the staff to act lovely to you, you should give them a chance and use a simple method. When you are entering a store, you should have a smile on your face and say a warm Hello to the staff. This will give positive vibes to staff members and they will welcome you with happiness. This makes the staff act politely and shows some new items to you. You can use this energy to ask them for a good discount and negotiate without craving.

2. Ask The Name

The second thing you can do before actually making an offer from your side is asking the name of that staff member who is dealing with you or showing items to you. You can ask him/her about her name and even pamper that staff member by saying attractive lines such as "I can see, you are working hard", "You are doing really very good", "I am going to purchase this item only after talking with you", "I think you are really good at dealing" and then ask for a brotherly-discount. It will be accepted.

3. Practice Silence

The best trick to negotiate and be elegant at the same time is practicing silence. It will help you to cope with uncertain words and avoid using the same lines for getting a discount. You can always use this trick by keeping silent and keep on checking other items. The best way to use silence as negotiating skills is by finding your favorite item at first, side it, and check other items. Don't ask for the prices, just keep checking till the shop keeper or the representative tell the price of an item. Tell him/her that you like all the items, but you think that the last one is best. The representative will surely say its price and pamper you, you can then ask him/her about the price of the first one and make a face which seems uninterested in that item. It will boost tell the staff that you are likely to leave the store, so they will do their best to give you a discount on that item and say good words about that. It will help you start negotiating for that first item that you liked at first.

4. Don't Show Emotions

Whatever the story or reason behind it, you should avoid having any negative emotions and even too many positive emotions and learn some self management. Be neutral and always try to listen to what the staff is telling you. Don't interrupt them while they are showing you the features of an item or showing some new stuff. It will help to not hurt the staff and send positive vibes towards them. That will surely make an environment of joy and happiness which will surely convert into a win-win situation where you can ask for a discount and the shop owner or the staff will surely give you an exclusive discount.

5. Walk Away

If nothing is helping or you can say if the store is a fixed-price retail shop, after some arguments you can simply say your offer and if not accepted, just walk away. This will directly impact the owner or the manager to don't let you go like that and 7 out of 10 shop owners will ask you to stay and get a discount. However, this trick will not work every time, or you may get a discount that is not near to your offer. But, I can confidently say that mostly it works in local shops. As big markets, shopping malls, and brand outlets don't care about customers leaving empty hands, local shop owners tend to increase sales and make a long-term customer rather than charging too much for the first time.

So, these are the best ever negotiating skills that a woman can use to be a woman who knows how to shop.

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