What to Do When Your Company Is Experiencing Rapid Growth

What to Do When Your Company Is Experiencing Rapid Growth

The best thing for your company's growth. Although, if your company’s growth is not adequately managed, you can stand to lose out on untold revenue, business opportunities, and even more future clients. If your company is experiencing rapid growth, you should consider outsourcing your customer service needs and content moderation. 

These two systems alone are your first line of connection to your customers. By outsourcing your customer service, you can be sure that all customer questions are caught and answered. By outsourcing your content moderation, you can be sure that your brand is protected and looking its best out there on the internet, with journalists, and within the world of social media.

What Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing your customer service is a common occurrence in today's world. It is when you transfer the management of your customer communication channels to a third-party. 

Most people choose to use a call center service. These centers such as call center in the Philippines provide a large number of trained operatives to answer multiple business callers. 

While this may be the solution for some businesses, not all people feel comfortable passing on their customer service to someone else. Trusting another company with the well-being of your own is a huge step. 

Why Outsource? 

Outsourcing can be hugely beneficial to a business. If your employees spend too much time fielding customer service calls rather than making sales, then you might want to outsource. 

It is typically cheaper to hire contract workers. You are not expected to provide salary or benefits. Other benefits include not having to provide the equipment for receiving a high volume of calls. Buying a computer, headset, desk, chair, and other essential items can get quite expensive. 

Outsourcing can provide something that you can not, 24/7 customer service. If your customers expect to reach your company about your projects at any time of the day, you may need to outsource. 

Providing customer service in a variety of languages can help your business. It is difficult and expensive to retain employees who are bilingual. Customers feel much more at ease if they can speak to someone who speaks their natural language. 

Outsourcing allows you to create better coverage of necessary business tasks and save your in-house resources simultaneously. For instance, hiring business IT support services can help you save money on hiring an in-house IT expert and the upfront cost of IT tools and monitoring systems. You don’t have to keep an eye on your cybersecurity 24/7 because outsourcing IT support can do this tedious task for you.

What Questions To Ask

Hiring an outside service to handle your business is a big deal. Knowing what questions to ask a potential service provider is essential. 

  • Have they worked in your industry before?
  • What is their primary expertise?
  • Are they familiar with any regulations that are associated with your business?
  • How is quality control maintained?
  • Do they provide adequate and frequent reports?
  • Can you listen to recorded calls?
  • How do they handle security issues?
  • How do they protect your customers' data?
  • Who manages their network, and who has access to it?
  • Where do they get their employees?
  • How do they train their employees?
  • What do they do to keep up with the changing marketplace?

Hire a provider that has had some experience in your field. Find out how they react to angry customers, and ask for proof in the form of call records. Make sure they provide adequate security depending on your business needs. Find out if their employees are up to delivering the level of service that you request. 

In conclusion, exporting your business needs is a big decision. Outsourcing can help your business with the tedious stuff that requires onboarding an entire team. Instead, use your time to continue to grow your business and let the experts at Awesome OS handle all your customer service and content moderation needs so you can get back to the exciting stuff.