Dananeer Mobeen Age, Height, Family, Net Worth & Biography of "Pawri HoRai Hai" Girl

Dananeer Mobeen

Becoming famous nowadays is just a blink away as social media can take anyone on top of everything and drive a trend even from a meme that nobody could resist replicating once. Dananeer Mobeen (nickname Geena), a 22 years social media influencer and blogger from Peshawar a beautiful city of Pakistan also got famous overnight with her one video going viral with various other influencers participating in her fame-generative video by recreated-videos, duets, remixes, reaction-videos and more using her video as a fun and meme material.

Everybody on social media today is talking about that "Yeh Hamari Pawri HoRai Hai Girl" and even big celebrities such as Akcent and more did the reaction videos giving more uplift to Dananeer's viral video. Here we will let you know who is Dananeer Mobeen in real:

Dananeer Mubeen Biography 2024

Dananeer's full name is Dananeer Mobeen and she is from Peshawar, Pakistan (born in Peshawar and currently residing in Islamabad). Dananeer's age is 22 years and she was born in 2003. She's a well-known social media influencer, content creator, and Instagram blogger in Pakistan. 

Age 22 years old
Father Name Army Officer
Height 5 feet and 3 inches (160 cm)
Instagram @dananeerr
Husband Not married, Not Engaged
Sister 1 Sister name Nafayal
Mother n/a
Net Worth 2024 Under $1 million
Date of Birth February 02, 2003
Known for "Pawri Ho Rahi Hai" viral video
Profession Content Creator, Actress
Awards Lux Style Award for Best Emerging Talent in TV
YouTube Channel Dananeer Mobeen
TikTok @dananeerr

Besides this, Dananeer is an artist and loves to paint and sing along. She blogs about her favorite foods and also some social issues such as mental health issues and more. She blogs about Pakistani youth and creates content that is engaging, fun, and meaningful.

As you can't find Dananeer's Wikipedia page, we are here to help you find everything about her personal and professional life. As Dananeer's residential country is Pakistan, she was born in Pakistan to a Pushton family and she understands Pashto too.

The latest information about her Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, and other family members has not been disclosed by anyone. Dananeer is also available on TikTok and Instagram of course.

Dananeer's Instagram Fame

The day she started blogging on Instagram was just like all others who create a new Instagram account and starts with zero followers and zero likes. As she is an influencer, she regularly updates her fans and followers, with over 250+ posts on Instagram and 4 million+ followers, she is one of the top social media influencers in Pakistan. All thanks to her #pawrihorihai viral video that she created to portray the Borgor/Burger boys and girls of Islamabad who replicate the English accent of British people and end up getting trolled and becoming meme material. The netizens like her way of showing the impact of becoming a fake version of yourself and made her go viral.

Dananeer posted this Pawri Ho Rahi Hai viral video meme on 6th February 2021 and the video went viral on the same day she posted it on her Instagram account. Dananeer can be seen in the video saying:

Ye hamari car hai, Yeh ham hain, Aur ye Hamari Pawri Horai Hai.

Translations in English: This is our car, These are us, and this is our party happening. With receiving over 2.7m views and over 1k comments (she turned the comments off) the video is already going viral with various other versions created by various other content creators such as Yashraj Mukhate remix and other TikToker's react videos. If you are also interested, you can use a free meme maker to create your own version of her video or create your own meme easily.

What Dananeer Thinks about her viral video?

In an Instagram live video and an Interview with ARY News, Dananeer said that she is overwhelmed with the response she is getting on her viral video and she was wearing a Pawri Horai Hai printed T-shirt.

The video is also trending on Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Reddit, and almost on every social media platform.

Watch the Pawri Horai Hai viral video:

Dananeer Mobeen Photos:

Dananeer with her family members, sister, mother, father and brother
Dananeer with her family members, sister, mother, father and brother

Dananeer with father photo
Dananeer with father photo

Dananeer Mubeen photo looking hot in winter outfits
Dananeer Mubeen photo looking hot in winter outfits

Dananeer Mobeen Photos
Dananeer Mobeen Photos

Dananeer Mobeen Photos

Dananeer Mobeen Photos

Dananeer Mobeen Photos

Dananeer Mobeen Photos

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