6 Tips for Getting More Mass Tort Leads

6 Tips for Getting More Mass Tort Leads

It’s pathetic that many pharmaceutical companies do not test their drugs and products before making them public. The sad part is, manufacturers are more inclined to earn profits than the patient’s well-being. Every year more and more companies are caught for these types of sins, but the cycle is not reducing at all.  

In this case, law firms help those patients to get their compensation rightfully. But to get the patient’s attention for providing professional assistance is not that easy. Therefore, we come up with 6 tips for getting more mass tort leads. These tips will help your company to stand out from the crowd.  

6 Tips for Getting More Mass Tort Leads

This section describes several methods for generating and converting more and more mass tort leads for your firm. Without further ado, let’s dive into them.

1. Search Engine Marketing

Through paid advertisements on search engines, this marketing strategy captures more web traffic and high commercial visibility. Applying SEM means you have to use appropriate keywords to get qualified leads into your site.

If you use a keyword like “product liability lawyers” on your website, the chances of having unqualified leads are more. But if your keyword is “lawyer for Zantac mass tort,” you will get more qualified leads. Remember, general keywords generate unqualified leads who actually are not more interested in becoming a client.

Also, the “Zantac problem” keyword will cost less but can generate qualified leads. As people with Zantac issues use such terms to find out solutions and are more likely to become a lead. Search engine marketing will necessitate such accurate keywords to get qualified clients. 

2. Search Engine Optimization

It’s a flip side of SEM. Instead of paying for advertisements, you have to make great content that will appear on the search bar’s top results. By doing regular and local SEO, you can conveniently reach your targeted audience. Along with writing great content, you have to ensure linking trustworthy sites to your particular URL.

Without proper backlinks, your website can’t rank top. As Google algorithm determines the authenticity and trustworthy materials by seeing the site’s link to the URL. On the other side, Local SEO aims for targeting the audience in close proximity. By seeing the relevance, reviews, and prominence of any site, Google ranks local SEO. To determine trustworthiness, Google uses “Google my Business” reviews.    

The basic rules of SEO are identifying the service that the potential client searched for. After that, modify the firm’s website in accordance with the Google Algorithm. Then, ensuring that the firm’s website is reachable by search bots.    

3. Legal Call Center

Legal call centers qualify the leads before you can see them. The legal intake call centers can turn the prospective lead into a qualified lead. Sometimes with a single uninterrupted phone call, they can generate a lead into a signed client.

The mass tort pay per call Leads can convert more clients through their highly specialized campaigns. They will save your time and convenience the clients to work with you. Legal call center specialists receive special training to convince the clients and convert them into qualified leads. 

4. Content Marketing

Content is desperately needed for every site to reach the audience. The creation and distribution of content, for example, podcasts, bland videos, is ideal for establishing expertise, credibility, and trust. Relevant content can establish an emotional connection between the firm and the visitor. 

All contents should be aimed to fulfill the visitor’s needs. So, make sure the contents are simple, clear, informative, and easy to understand. Your website’s blog should demonstrate your experience, excellence, strategies, etc. You should focus on showing what best you can provide than the oyster law firms.

A website with expert content, considered as experienced and expert. A combination of content marketing with other advertising forms is the best way to get more organic traffic.   

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are the best place for marketing your service. It is the quickest, affordable, and user-friendly way of promoting your firm. Facebook is the most popular and easiest among the other platforms.

Simply create a page, start promoting your firm, and let the potential client see how you work. The next popular medium is Twitter. It has several user bases than Facebook. It is a concise communication form that can promote blogs and content in a great way.

Others are Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, etc. These mediums ensure getting more leads by reaching a wider audience. It is necessary to remind the clients that you are a learning presence. Social media makes this thing happen.

6. Email Marketing & Landing Page

Email marketing targets the audience when they visit your website. The website’s main goal should be to obtain the email addresses of your clients. To get something valuable, the site visitors should place their email addresses. After you get the email address, you can send a series of emails to target the clients. 

Every email should focus on the topic that the client will find interesting. Also, you should link your website’s landing page so that the client can request further consultation. Therefore, the landing page of your website must be optimized and organized specifically for mass tort cases.

Your optimized landing page should consist of such offers that the client cannot refuse. It should focus on the potential client’s interest topic and points. An effective landing page will reflect the buyer’s journey which can increase the conversion of clients.     


The ideal way to showcase your mass tort practices is by identifying the ideal place where you can find the lead. Based on this, you can plan different strategies to attract clients. The number of potential traffic is limited for any specific mass tort.   

Other law firms also look for the same leads, so it can be tough to convert them. In this case, this useful guide can help you. Simply follow the above tips, and you can easily find out the potential client and make them convert.