Know How to Maintain Exhaust Fans in the Bathroom

Know How to Maintain Exhaust Fans in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are more prone to problems like humidity and bad odour due to excess moisture. If not treated on time, the moisture can start affecting the walls and ceiling by forming moulds. So, an exhaust fan is the perfect source of ventilation for your bathroom. It operates by drawing air from the interior of your house and expelling it outside. These fans play a crucial role in controlling and eliminating bad odours and excess moisture from the bathroom.

How to Maintain Exhaust Fans in the Bathroom
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An exhaust fan's primary function is to remove steam produced by hot showers in the bathroom. 

It is imperative to give your exhaust fan a good cleaning once in every six months. To help you out with the cleaning and maintenance of an exhaust fan, we have curated a guide for you:

1. Preparations for Cleaning

To clean a bathroom exhaust fan safely, you need to ensure that the power is off. Next, use a stepladder that will allow you to reach it comfortably. Now gently pull off the cover of the exhaust fan. In case an exhaust fan is plugged into an outlet, unplug it and unscrew any brackets holding the fan in place. 

2. Separately Clean the Parts of the Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan comprises of three major parts: the cover, fan blades, and the motor. To prevent mould build-up, it is important to clean each item thoroughly. 

  • Clean the Vent-Cover

Soak the vent cover of an exhaust fan in a tub of hot soapy water while cleaning the exhaust fan blades. Use a damp microfibre cloth to scrub away caked-on dust and grime. Thoroughly air-dry the vent cover before reassembly. 

  • Clean the Exhaust Fan Blades

Using a damp cloth, clean the fan blades and the motor. If you cannot remove the fan from the ceiling, use the vacuum to remove as much dirt as possible. 

  • Vacuum the Exhaust Fan Motor

Use a device attachment and vacuum the inside of an exhaust fan. Thoroughly clean the brackets that hold the exhaust fan in place. If you don't have a device attachment, you can use a brush attachment. 

3. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Even if your exhaust fans are clean and operational, there can be a possibility that they are not venting out the air efficiently. This means that humid air is being moved to an inconspicuous place where mould could grow for years before becoming a significant problem. Based on the layout of your house, you will be able to visually inspect all of your exhaust fan vent pipes in your attic/shaft. In a multi-storey building, you can also seek a professional's help. 

4. Properly Clean the Vent Pipe Dampers

Dampers are designed to flap open and expel the air while fans are blowing. Over a period of time, dampers can become rusty or damaged. It is advisable that you periodically inspect them from outside. A broken or obstructed damper can be spotted from the ground. If you suspect that your damper is rusted out, it probably needs to be oiled or replaced. 

Timely inspection and routine cleaning will help you to extend the life of your exhaust fans. 

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