How to Set Custom WhatsApp Wallpaper for Individual Chats

How to Set Custom WhatsApp Wallpaper for Individual Chats

Despite ups and downs, WhatsApp is standing at the #1 number of private messaging app charts and consistently announcing new features that most of the alternative apps lack. Earlier, WhatsApp users could change chat wallpaper for all the chat threads at once but there was not an option to change the chat background wallpaper for individual chats.

Now, WhatsApp just released a new update for iPhone and Android too, that allows anyone to change or set a custom wallpaper for single chats on WhatsApp. Meaning, you can now change the background for individual chats so that you can have different chat backgrounds on your friends, family, and general contacts.

Here's How to Set Different Wallpaper for Different Chat on WhatsApp:

  1. Open WhatsApp from your smartphone
  2. Go to your WhatsApp contact or chat to set a different wallpaper for a specific chat.
  3. Click on the 3-dotted menu (upper right corner) > tap Wallpaper.
  4. From there, pick a new wallpaper, go to Gallery or choose WhatsApp default backgrounds.
  5. When you click a photo from your smartphone's gallery, it will show you a chat preview.
  6. If it looks good to you, tap on SET and you are good to go.

That's simply how you can set a new background wallpaper to any different chat thread or contact in your WhatsApp.

You can also remove the custom wallpaper (if in any case, you don't want it anymore) you can do it by going to chat of any individual and clicking on the 3-dotted menu then from Wallpaper click on Remove Custom Wallpaper option.

You can also pick solid colors as your chat backgrounds and also, you can completely remove any background from a chat.

If you ran into a problem, just leave a comment below.