Major Obstacles Encountered in Mobile Game Development

Major Obstacles Encountered in Mobile Game Development

Mobile games are an absolute trend of both the last year and the current one. At the same time, unlike games for PC and consoles, mobile games are not too dependent on lockdown. People will continue to play them after the end of the quarantine. First of all, this is the merit of their mobility and simplicity. There is nothing easier than making a short game session while waiting for an order in a cafe or on the way to work.

Of course, mobile game development does not standstill. The emergence of new technologies dictates new rules and trends. Players are constantly expecting more, which adds more problems to developers. After all, game app developers face different difficulties every day. Our task today is to describe them in as much detail as possible.

Concept Approval

Surprisingly, very often the problem lies in the idea itself. It is impossible to create a competitive product without a thorough market analysis, study of the advantages of top games and player comments. If you ignore all this data, the game will not be viable. The market is too crowded with entertainment products and requires a very careful and thoughtful approach.

In addition to the lack of preliminary analysis, conceptual instability can be a big problem. Having come up with something in the beginning, mobile game developers end up creating something completely different from the initial research. Sometimes the desire to add as many features as possible leads to overcomplicating the game. Mobile products are not a category where gamers expect complexity. Therefore, you always need to move according to the approved concept from the basic functionality to all the other steps for creating art, sounds, code, and so on.

Game Promotion

There is no point in a game that no one knows about. This nuance is often overlooked by mobile developers. Many good games are overshadowed, while mediocre ones can get a lot of downloads thanks to a well-timed advertising campaign. Nobody says that you need to resort to the expensive services of advertising agencies. Many actions are quite within the power of anyone:

  • Search advertising on Google Play and the App Store.
  • Search engine optimization for the App Store
  • Social media notifications for a new game.
  • Placing press releases on gaming platforms and blogs.
  • Posting trailers for the game on YouTube and Twitch.
  • Promotion of the game through opinion leaders.

Game Maintenance

Many developers commit the same mistake, considering the release as the end of the job. Leaving the game to its own devices is the best way to make players forget about it as soon as possible. The game needs constant monitoring and post-maintenance. In particular, the easiest option is to research player feedback and fix minor bugs.

A separate item is the release of updates. This allows you to maintain interest in the game. For example, it can be downloadable content, new levels, fresh characters and missions, and more.

Convenient Interface

A common problem with many mobile games is that the interface is not the most attractive and intuitive. Developers focus on gameplay and do not pay enough attention to one of the most important spaces for user interaction. It is also important to make it consistent with the style and setting of the game so that the final picture is solid and seamless.

To prevent this from happening, work on the interface should be carried out immediately in parallel with the development of the gameplay itself. This is usually done by UX/UI designers who select and test different options. The best option is if the user does not have a single obstacle on the way to the desired action in the game.


Every game app developer understands the difficulty of creating a game. The manual selection of a good team can take a long time. Plus there is no guarantee that people can work well together. Therefore, the best option is to support a ready-made team that has already developed more than one mobile game. Kevuru Games game app development is the team that knows the market and the needs of the players very well. At the same time, they will help make the gaming application not only interesting for people, but also profitable.