Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown Is Here

Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown Is Here

Seeing a hike in password sharing to let friends and family members enjoy one Netflix account on multiple devices while paying only for one account. Netflix is stepping into a test that will stop password sharing and other OTT services such as Hulu, Disney+ and Prime Video are also considering a crackdown on password sharing.

Basically, Netflix wants you to share your Netflix password only with your family members who are living with you under the same roof. As some of the Netflix users reported on Twitter that they noticed a popup saying, "If you don't live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching."

This is a confirmation of how Netflix is going to crack down on password sharing and let their users create new paid accounts for people who are not living in the same houses. However, Netflix described this feature as a "test" that may or may not roll out to 200 million subscribers who are paying for Netflix video-on-demand services monthly.

Netflix also said:

"This test is designed to help ensure that people using Netflix accounts are authorized to do so,"

As far as we can see, this will make it tough for many paid subscribers to actually share their Netflix passwords multiple times, and as they will have to verify their authenticity multiple times that will eventually make them stop password sharing.

You can see an example right below:

Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown Is Here

The irony of this test is: If the algorithm detects a person using a Netflix account who is not authorized to use it, Netflix will show a verification page where one can verify his/her authority by email code, text code or simply click on verify later and if the person is unable to verify the account within a given time, Netflix will stop working and the service will ask the user to create his/her own new account.

Basically, Netflix is going to make it complicated and hard for their paid users to share their accounts with friends or colleagues. As when you will be asked to enter a code multiple times, the other person may become annoyed by this repeated task.

So, weighing upon password sharing, Netflix is going to capture more paid subscribers who were using accounts of their friends or the people they know.