5 New Air Conditioning Technologies To Keep You Cool This Summer

5 New Air Conditioning Technologies To Keep You Cool This Summer

This summer, before you prepare to purchase a new air conditioner, it is important that you do your due diligence regarding the new air conditioning technologies, and the latest features that you can find in AC units. After all, air conditioners, similar to refrigerators, washing machines and LED TVs are long-term investments, and one shouldn’t be hasty while making a purchasing decision.

There are a plethora of AC brands in the market today. From Samsung and LG, to Blue Star and Voltas, there is no dearth of options. For the average consumer, an air conditioner is more accessible today than any other time in the past. Furthermore, with all the latest features and new-age technologies, one can rest assured about the air conditioner’s functionality and durability, while cutting down the electricity costs.

With that said, let us now take a look at five new AC technologies that modern ACs come equipped with.

Sensor Network and Tracking for Smart Cooling

It is an understatement to say that air conditioners are getting smarter. The new air conditioning models by top brands like Hitachi come with image sensor technology, which tells the AC how many people are in the room, and where they are located, so that each member experiences equal cooling. Furthermore, this sensor also understands the layout of the room, so that it adjusts the swing angle of the AC accordingly, providing optimal cooling. This technology is fast becoming ubiquitous, albeit with little tweaks from brands. For instance, Hitachi has named it the ‘iSee’ technology, while Carrier ACs call it the ‘Follow Me’ feature, where the sensor is placed inside the remote control! Brands like Daikin and Blue Star implement similar technology in their high-end models.

4D Airflow

Traditional air conditioning units came with just two movements -- up and down. However, the latest AC models today come with 4D airflow. This feature is present in LG air conditioners, and ACs from various brands like Hitachi, Blue Star and Carrier among others. Daikin ACs call this feature Coanda Airflow, where the louvres move upwards, and the air does not directly hit the user. 4D airflow is extremely efficient, as it offers optimal and uniform cooling, instead of concentrated cooling which isn’t of much help.

PM 2.5, PM 1 and Anti-VOC Filters

‘PM’ stands for particulate matter, and 2.5 represents particles with the size of 2.5 microns in width. These filters eliminate such tiny particulates, which could carry harmful bacteria or germs, thereby offering clean and fresh air. There are brands like LG that have gone a step further, and offer filters that can remove particles as small as 1 micron!

Then there are the anti-VOC (volatile organic compounds) filters, which remove such dangerous compounds from the indoor air. Midea ACs come with such filters, while even Lloyd ACs boast of filters that effectively remove volatile organic compounds. Buying a Lloyd AC can reduce the stress on your pocket as they are considered to be very pocket friendly.

Auto Clean Feature with iClean, Blow Clean and iCleanser

While we now know the importance of filters, if they aren’t cleaned properly, they aren’t very efficient in doing their jobs. However, most of us do not find the time to clean our AC units, which means that even though we have the best-in-class AC with excellent filters, they do not go about their jobs effectively. To eliminate this issue, modern AC units come with auto-clean features, such as the iClean feature from Hitachi, Blow Clean feature that Blue Star offers, and the iCleanser feature that one can find in the premium Carrier AC models. If your auto clean feature is not working, you can call your AC repair technician for help.

Dual Inverter Technology

Inverter technology has undoubtedly been a game changer in the AC industry. By optimizing the energy usage, and controlling the speed of the compressor motor, inverter technology allows for optimal cooling while reducing your electricity bills. AC models today, like those offered by LG and Blue Star come with dual-inverter technology, which allows the compressor to work over an increased operating frequency range, thereby providing even better cooling as compared to single inverter ACs. These ACs also use advanced BLDC (brushless DC) motors, which ensure that the desired temperature is maintained with minimal to zero fluctuations.

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