How to Identify Company-Visitors of Your Website

How to Identify Company-Visitors of Your Website

Site traffic metrics help to see who visits your website in a checked period. Such indicators are important for assessing the effectiveness of the resource and some of its sections. We need this information for site owners. This information is invaluable because it helps to analyze and increase the number of potential customers by collecting their contact information.

Based on this data, you can adjust your promotion methods. It is important to monitor the statistics of other people's resources and use the data got for your benefit. How to find out where traffic is coming to your site, and how to view statistics of its attendance? Let's figure out which services are suitable for solving these problems and how they work.

Analyze website traffic statistics

So, any business - requires a carefully planned marketing campaign. The effectiveness depends on many factors. The fundamental point is the analysis of the client's behavior, his reaction to various advertising techniques, offers, and so on. A long-term advertising campaign is built on this. It is simply impossible to overestimate the role of website visitor analysis tools.

Analysis tools will help you create the most complete portrait of the client, which will allow you to adjust your company's policy to your target audience.

With the help of analysis tools, you can evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, and make changes that will make your site, your business more attractive to the target audience.

Site visitor analysis tools can also be of great help in assessing site performance. You will identify problems on the site and will eliminate them in the future, which will save the project budget for various types of advertising.

Analysis of traffic statistics will give a deeper understanding of users and their behavior on the site, as well as help to check the position of the site in the search.

How to see the traffic of your site in Google Analytics

This is a popular tool from the Google search engine. Using this tool, you can track traffic data by companies or users of your site. The service tracks various information that will help to analyze the performance of your site. You can find information about:

  • the number of users for a certain period;
  • number of users in real-time;
  • traffic source;
  • failure rate;
  • the number and duration of sessions;
  • how traffic changes over a certain period;
  • type of device of visitors and their geography.

You can use the reports provided by the service, or generate your own in convenient formats.

Website visitor tracking software

Google Analytics is not the only service where you can check the traffic to your site. There are other services, but they are less popular, although they have an extensive list of features and allow you to analyze the audience who is interested in your service. For example, LeadRebel, which analyzes information about which companies visited your website, which product or service interested the visitor the most, and also collects contact information about visitors to use it for your benefit.