iFun Screen Recorder Review

iFun Screen Recorder Review

In the last few years, we have seen a huge jump in screen recordings and as the internet is going faster and cheaper, people are turning to this as a normal method of downloading online data such as online classes to make notes and recording webinars for watching later.

With this, there are many software houses that have been releasing freeware and paid software and apps as they call them screen recorders to help every internet, computer, or smartphone user to be able to record his screen.

From those free screed record apps and software lists, iFun is one of the best free software that one can use to capture and record his screen and even capture the audio and save as your selected format of the video files.

The wide range of features makes iFun Screen Recorder the ideal choice for most users, including professional gamers and creators. Since many of you seem interested in learning more about this fantastic screen recording tool, let’s dive into some of its key features.

Features of iFun Screen Recorder

Despite being freeware, iFun Screen Recorder includes many features that are usually reserved for the top level. Here are more details:

Flexible screen recording with audio

iFun Screen Recorder offers users the ability to select any area of the screen to record, either the entire desktop or just a small application window. It also works in multi-screen settings.

In addition, the software can simultaneously record system sound, along with the sound from the device's built-in microphone or an external headset.

Crop screenshots while recording

Suppose you are working on a video guide and also want to take screenshots for additional instructions. With iFun Screen Recorder, all you have to do is press a shortcut key, crop a part of the screen while recording, and save it as a screenshot in a separate folder.

Video editing tools

Once you stop recording, you can also edit it directly from iFun Screen Recorder. The built-in video editor is easy to use and offers basic editing features (e.g., cropping, cropping, cropping).

While it won’t replace your typical professional video editing suite, the built-in editing tools are useful when you’re not willing to install other software on your PC just to make small edits.

Save recordings in different formats

iFun Screen Recorderlets saves your screenshots in twelve different formats, making your recordings playable on all types of media devices. Some of the most popular video formats include MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, MOV, TS, and more. You can even export your creations as GIFs.

Zero backlog

As long as your PC or laptop has a relatively modern processor, you should not face any system lag when recording the screen in high definition quality. IObit optimized the program well enough to use less than 10% of CPU resources and less system memory than most other screen recording tools on the market.

Safe and free to use

Iobit offers some of the best free utility tools for Windows and the iPhone Screen Recorder is no exception. It is safe to install and use not only in Windows 10 but also in Windows 8.1, 7, and even Vista.

Unlike most other free screen recorders, IObit doesn’t bother you with disturbing ads or add watermarks to your recordings. There are also no restrictions on the length of the video, so you can record your PC screen as long as you want at once.

Steps to record to screen with iFun Screen Recorder

  • iFun Screen Recorder makes it easy for users to record their screens. Once the program is installed on your Windows PC, just follow a few steps that we describe below in detail.
  • First, double-click the iFun Screen Recorder shortcut on the desktop.
  • Then choose to record the entire screen or a select part of the "Select a region" option.
  • If you want to record audio, make sure it says ON in the Speaker option. You can also turn on the microphone and view mouse clicks on the screen recording.
  • Finally, click the red REC button to start recording the screen.
  • You can pause and stop the capture from the floating screen overlay. It also gives you quick access to the screenshot option.

When you have finished recording, you can access the saved video from the Video List tab.

If you want to adjust the video resolution, frame rate, quality, and change the output format, go to the Recording Settings tab. From there, you can also select the preferred destination folder and set the audio format.

IObit also offers an online screen recorder that does not require users to download software for screen recordings. The only requirement is to have the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Opera installed on your PC. no need to sign in to the account.

Verdict: Should I Use iFun Screen Recorder?

If your main purpose is to record your PC screen or games with audio, we strongly recommend that you use iFun Screen Recorder. It's free, easy to use, has a built-in video editor, and offers dozens of export options.

Plus, you won’t have to deal with any watermark fairs, recording limits, or pop-up ads. However, it should be noted that iFun Screen Recorder prohibits recording copyrighted streams for apparent reasons.