Instagram To Let Users Toggle Public Like Counts On and Off

Instagram To Let Users Toggle Public Like Counts On and Off

Since the social media giant Facebook acquired the #1 images and videos sharing social media app Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Co-founder) has been introducing new and awesome features to let the users enjoy more and stay active on the app. Following that, Instagram users will be able to see a new controlling feature called Like Counts Control and it will enable Instagram users to on or off their public post likes from the rest of the Instagram community.

Yes, you may be able to take control over whether your public posts like counts should show to Instagram users or not and this will surely help many private account holders and even some public figures to secure their accounts and make a unique following.

Instagram mentioned that it will be a small global test with three options for you to choose from.

So, hiding your public like count on Instagram will now be a reality and you don't have to private your Instagram for such activities.

However, Instagram models and social media influencers could see a curve in their monthly income as some brands may not work with those users who are hiding their public like counts even they can view their activities right from Instagram's analytics option.

The company also shared that they are working on a similar feature for the Facebook app too.

For now, there's no news about when this feature will be officially released to everyone on Instagram and Facebook.