Top 10 Video Animation Companies to Keep an Eye On

Top 10 Video Animation Companies to Keep an Eye On

Since the start of digital advertising in 1994 companies never looked back at traditional marketing and the masses started to follow the trends. With that being said, if we look at today's digital marketing industry, it is bigger than our thoughts and currently, the video-advertising is one of the hottest techniques for getting low-cost and effective business leads.

When we talk about video ads, animated videos are winning the hearts of the audiences as people get engaged with video animations more than a traditional spokesperson video where a female or a male is representing a product and begging the audience to look at that product. Animated video ads can easily do the trick as storytelling becomes easy with such creative videos that we can create on many amazing platforms build just for this work.

As we are going through the hardest times of this century "The COVID-19 Pandemic" we may have little budget, low revenue, and even fewer choices of picking a place to shoot an advertisement. This is when we can get the benefits of using a video animation company and get it done according to our requirements.

Yes, not just the software, or apps, you can simply hire a company to professionally produce a great advertisement video for you. To help you choose the best video animation company, we have listed the top 10 of them that you can use even post pandemic and keep enjoying the benefits of low-cost, on-time delivery, and perfect advertising material:

1) Kasra Design

Kasra Design is the best place for anyone who is looking to get a custom explainer video or a 3D animation video produced on a budget that is bearable for them. Based in Malaysia and the US, Kasra Design offers you explainer video, animated ads, motion graphics spot, corporate presentation even TV commercials. They are experts in explainer videos, startup videos, and all types of animated videos that you can think about. Just go to their website and click on the Get a Quote button, send them your Hi and they will return to work on your project as per your instructions.

2) ManvsMachine

If you are looking to create an out-of-the-box animated video for your advertising campaigns and want to be as much creative as possible, ManvsMachine is your go-to company that creates more than amazing explainer videos that can go viral too. However, their previews on the main page of their website are not that much impressive, they are still the best in the market and able to work on your instruction with little to no changes in your idea.

3) Demo Duck

If you are not just another startup looking to grab some funding and go away, DemoDuck is your company to create a wonderful animated video for your corporate, nonprofit, or serious startup business. They are experts in their work and know the basics and advancements of creating video animations or commercial videos and branded videos too.

4) DUO Design

As they say "We are designers, illustrators, and animators who love telling stories and exploring new visual possibilities for startups, agencies, and brands." the DUO Team is the perfect company to entertaining and most engaging animated video series that could help you leverage the social media boom by getting some awesome videos created by the DUO team. Go and check their official website now.

5) Veracity Colab

If you try a simple online search like "Animated Video Companies near me" you will find a dozen companies and many of them will claim to be the best explainer video company in your city or country. However, creating animated explainer videos is not that easier, and giving them a produced-in-studio touch is harder. However, a company like VeracityColab could help you turn your ideas into reality. Working with many international brands, they are experts in their field of work.

6) The Furrow

The Furrow by Vimeo (a video-sharing website) is another great animator, designer, and motion designer service that can help you get your videos created and re-imagined in a professional way.

7) Aerosoap

If you are looking to deliver your message to your targetted audience in a magical way, you should choose AeroSoap as your perfect animated video maker.

8)  Black Math

Professionalism is what BlackMath is focusing on while creating their finest animations and they are perfect at their work. If you are looking to create something new, you should talk with this video animation company.

9) Giant Ant

Not just another Vimeo service, but it is a complete company named Giant Ant and they are good at creating high-end and classy animations that speaks for their creativeness.

10) Buck

Founded in 2004, BUCK is a creative company and open to new clients who are looking for something unique and different. They are best at researching and creating something impactful.


Since the demand is increasing, more and more creative agencies are turning to animation studios and hiring more talent to help them make animated videos that most of their clients are currently looking for.

If you are the client, you should pick a company from our list above and make a great decision today.