How to Make Money on Clubhouse App (4 Easy Ways)

How to Make Money on Clubhouse App (4 Easy Ways)
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Since Clubhouse is a new social media app that is famous for its unique audio-only chatting experience and most entrepreneurs are using it for whatever they do online, it is also a public social media platform that is taking over other chat apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram. With this being said, people are also searching for how to make money on Clubhouse app as it is now available on iOS and Android as well, more people are joining the invite-only social media app, and every day the chances to make money on clubhouse are increasing.

This is the best time to create a free account on Clubhouse and build an audience on the Clubhouse app that you need to monetize your profile. Here we are showing you the top 5 ways to earn money using Clubhouse app on iPhone or Android smartphones. Read and choose your suitable method or go for all of them.

1. Direct Contributions from Listeners

In April 2021, Clubhouse rolled out the payments feature to over 60K creators and is rolling out the feature to the rest of their userbase in the coming months. Making it a whole new way of earning money on the clubhouse app without tricking the system. You don't have to do any extra hard work, just be active on the platform and ask your followers to send you a tip using Clubhouse "Send Money" feature which is available when someone visits your profile in the Clubhouse app. This is the very first monetization feature on Clubhouse that is introduced officially.

2. Profile Bio Page

As you can include text and a link on your Instagram profile bio, Clubhouse is allowing you to do the same with your Clubhouse profile bio and this is a wonderful way to grab some extra income. You can easily use your Clubhouse bio for making money. Here are a few ways to make money using clubhouse app bio page:

  • You can type your PayPal, CashApp or Venmo username and ask for donations
  • You can add an affiliate link and refer your audience to a familiar product and earn a commission on every purchase made by them
  • You can also add a link to your Amazon wishlist or any other wishlist web-page
  • You can promote your other social media handles or your own eCommerce website

The best one is to promote affiliate products as that's how most of the influencers are making money on Clubhouse, Instagram, and Twitter. You can do it too.

3. Sponsored Shoutouts

As all the other social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are allowing their creators to make money with sponsorships aka sponsored shoutouts, the Clubhouse app is also allowing you to create such promotions with partnerships with brands and services. You can ask for a certain amount for mentioning a brand or product name. With a new leap forward, you can earn double the money you are earning today and charge more to brands by offering your clubhouse profile to them and create dedicated chatrooms for them with their names and description. You can even ask for a recurring payment to run such a chat room and brands will be more than happy to pay you for promoting their products on the clubhouse app. Imagine, you can earn anything between $5 to $500 or even more just by mentioning a product name, is not this a wonderful way of making money online?

4. Paid Rooms

While there's no such option available officially, you can still do it by asking your followers to get on board for your next chat or an audio-only webinar where you will reveal some secrets and share your tips for whatever you do. They will reach you and you can make a list of all the interested people who are looking forward to paying for accessing your closed clubhouse room. You can use PayPal, Stripe, or any other preferred method for receiving payments from interested users. After that, you can set a date and go live with your paying listeners. This is how many celebrities and even business personalities are making money using Clubhouse app. If you are running a business, or have a strong social media presence, this will make you enough money for sure.

So, the next time someone asked you about "can you make money on clubhouse app?" refer them to this article and let them know how easy it is to make money on clubhouse app.

We will keep this article updated with new ways to make money using clubhouse, so stay connected with us.