Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Newly Married Couples

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Newly Married Couples

If you’re trying to come up with romantic bedroom decor ideas for a new home, then it’s best to stay far, far away from heart-shaped furniture. Romantic bedroom decor ideas are about invoking a certain mood and energy to any given space, and can therefore be interpreted differently depending on the couple.

Whether it’s finding the best mattress for a good night’s sleep, or choosing a color scheme that adds back some warmth, here are some of our favorite romantic bedroom ideas for married couples looking to reset their space:

Use Layered Bedding

One of the key tricks to incorporating a little more comfort into your space is by using multiple layers of bedding, switching up texture and materials, to add a bit of interest. That means flat sheets, duvets, and plush blankets, making for a bed that feels far cozier than it would even if it was the best mattress you could get your hands on.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to layering your bedding is that things don’t have to match exactly. Using contrasting colors and patterns can actually lend itself well to adding some brightness and romantic bedroom ideas to your space. Be sure to look out for high-quality materials when you’re doing this, as a lot of layers might trap dust.

Sticking to hypoallergenic materials will help both you and your partner rest up sniffle-free. The best mattresses also tend to be made of hypoallergenic materials, so be sure to keep this in mind if you’re thinking of trading up.

Switch Up The Lighting

Using a mix of ambient, accent, and task lighting in your bedroom is important when you’re trying to create a romantic atmosphere. Task lighting is only really necessary in your bedroom if you live in a smaller space, where you’re going to have to use different rooms to multi-task functions for your convenience.

If you live in a larger space, or even just prefer working out of your living room, a mix of ambient and accent lighting is all you need in order to get the balance of your space just right. Warm lighting can especially help add to the romantic feel of a bedroom, since cool light can be harsh and oftentimes, a bit unflattering.

Using different kinds of lighting and switching out your standard fittings can help customize and personalize your space so that feels a lot more inviting. If you live somewhere that gets bright naturally in the early mornings, then you’re going to want to install blackout curtains as well, since this can help with your sleep schedule and keep you and your partner nice and cozy until you’re ready to face the world.

Find The Best Mattress For Shared Comfort

While you might be brainstorming a fair amount of creative romantic bedroom ideas, few things are as important as finding the best mattress you can for your comfort. A well-rested couple is a happy couple, so finding the best mattress is important for more reasons than completing your bedroom.

The best mattress for your comfort should check a couple of different boxes. For starters, it’s going to need to be well-suited to both your sleeping styles and comfort preferences. Finding a medium-firm bed is going to be a good bet when you’re looking for the best mattress to stay versatile and cater to largely different comfort levels. That’s because this kind of bed can make getting a good night’s sleep a lot easier.

Incorporate More Plants To Get Better Sleep

Nothing says romance better than freshly cut flowers, and while some indoor plants might be difficult to maintain, there are a ton of options out there for those who struggle to get proper rest. Integrating more plants as part of your bedroom decor won’t just add a sense of natural comfort to your space, it’s also going to boost the overall coziness of your bedroom.

Some examples of plants that can work really well if you want to stick to romantic bedroom ideas include the peace lily, aloe vera, and english ivy, all of which pair great with romantic bedroom decor and add a softer feel to your bedroom. Looking after plants in your space can naturally encourage you to remain organized and clean, so if you or your partner struggle with maintaining your space, then adding more plants might help with this.

When it comes to romantic bedroom ideas that both you and your partner can resonate deeply with, there are a few finishing touches that can make all the difference. Once you’re done finding the best mattress for your shared comfort, bedding that adds that final touch of coziness and plants that keep your space busy, here are a few final things to consider -

  • Color scheme: romantic bedroom ideas don’t just have to mean shades of crimson or pink - it can also be warm tones of orange, yellow, or calming shades of blue. The trick is to find something that resonates equally with both your partner and you.
  • Use alternate materials: velvet, silk, and satin can all work great when you’re thinking of romantic bedroom decor ideas that work for your space. These can be incorporated into your bedding, or smaller accessories in your space, such as throw pillows, or rugs.
  • Using candles for lighting - If you’re nervous about using live fire in your bedroom, then consider using electric candles that can still add the illusion of warm light, without putting you through any of the trouble.

Whether it’s finding the best mattress for your space, or simply choosing a color scheme that works for you, the right romantic bedroom ideas can make your home sing. There’s a lot to look forward to about married life, and getting to build your home together with the person you love comes pretty high on the list - happy decorating!